Confidential Personal Information Sample Clauses

Confidential Personal Information. (a) Chrysler and SCUSA will restrict access to Confidential Personal Information in their possession or control to their employees and/or representatives who have a need to know such information in connection with providing Financing Services and the performance of their respective obligations under this Agreement.
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Confidential Personal Information. (a) From and after the Distribution Date, to the extent required by Applicable Law, each of Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx and Discover shall, and shall cause their respective Subsidiaries and Affiliates and its and their Representatives, to only use Confidential Personal Information: (i) in connection with the receiving party’s performance of this Agreement and/or as described in an Ancillary Agreement or any agreement contemplated hereby; or (ii) in compliance with any express written instructions given by the party from which the Confidential Personal Information originates, as may be modified from time to time. Upon completion of either party’s use of Confidential Personal Information pursuant to this subsection, the receiving party will maintain the Confidential Personal Information in compliance with the applicable requirements of this Section 5.07 and with its reasonable record retention and destruction policies.
Confidential Personal Information. (a) All individually-identifiable information regarding SRC’s employees and/or customers provided by SRC to LE or otherwise collected from a consumer in an LE Shop or in connection with the LE Shop Program, including but not limited to, names, addresses, telephone numbers, account numbers, customer lists, and demographic, financial and transaction information (“Confidential Personal Information”), even if the same or similar individually-identifiable information is shared by SRC with LE or collected by or on behalf of LE by SRC, is deemed confidential and owned exclusively by SRC or its Affiliates and any bank who issues a Sears-branded charge card to such customer. This Section 9.2 shall not apply to information developed by LE, without the use of Confidential Customer Information, provided that LE is not using such information on SRC’s behalf. If the express purpose of collecting specific Confidential Personal Information is to share said information with LE, such as through an “opt-in” to an LE promotional email list, and such purpose is properly disclosed to the customer at the time such information is collected (“Shared Confidential Personal Information”), then the parties shall jointly own that Shared Confidential Personal Information (unless otherwise prohibited by Applicable Law; in which case SRC shall be become the sole owner of such Shared Confidential Personal Information and LE will cease its use).
Confidential Personal Information. (c) any scientific or technical information, design, process, procedure, formula, or improvement that is commercially valuable and secret in the sense that its confidentiality affords First Data, Western Union and its and their Subsidiaries and/or Affiliates a competitive advantage over its competitors; and
Confidential Personal Information. The Student and/or the Parent (as applicable) agree that their personal data may be collected, used and disclosed by the School, its officers and staff for the purposes of delivering and administering the Course. Furthermore, notwithstanding that such personal data (including but not limited to contact details, Student’s health condition and/or family circumstances) may constitute confidential information, the School, its officers and staff shall be entitled to collect, use and disclose such personal data where reasonably necessary to ensure the safety and promote the welfare of the Student or to avert a perceived risk of harm to the Student or to another person at the School. The Student and/or the Parent (as applicable) agree that the School may disclose their personal data to its affiliated entities, parent class representative, third party service providers and agents for the above purposes. For the avoidance of doubt, the School may disclose the personal data of the Student and/or the Parent (as applicable) where required by any governmental authorities. SAMPLE The School reserves the right to monitor the Student’s e-mail communications and internet usage on the School’s IT network at all times. The School is committed to be in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012. Details on how the School handles personal data are available upon request. The School’s Terms and Conditions should be referred to for further information. SCHEDULE F
Confidential Personal Information. “Confidential Personal Information” means all information about Members, including Program Data, Transaction Information and names, addresses, all contact information, customer lists, and demographic or financial information. The exceptions set forth in Section 11.c shall not apply to Confidential Personal Information; provided that, the restrictions on Confidential Personal Information do not apply to information independently developed or obtained without the use of Confidential Personal Information. Receiving Party may use and disclose Confidential Personal Information only as permitted in this Agreement. Receiving Party is liable for all unauthorized disclosures and use of Confidential Personal Information by its Affiliates and Personnel. Receiving Party will notify Disclosing Party promptly upon the discovery of the loss, unauthorized disclosure, or unauthorized use of Confidential Personal Information. All Confidential Personal Information constitutes Confidential Information, however, the terms of this Section govern the Receiving Party’s use of any Confidential Personal Information. The Receiving Party will permit the Disclosing Party to audit its compliance with this Section 11.f at any time during regular business hours.
Confidential Personal Information. H.B. No. 859 requires all owned and government operated utility departments to notify customers of their right to confidentiality regarding release of personal information. However, Texas Utilities Code, Chapter 182, Section 182.052 allows customers to request that personal information be kept confidential. The request for confidentiality must be submitted in writing using this form. Once the request is received and processed, the Water Department will not release confidential information for the customer except to:
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Confidential Personal Information. This Section provides that all school police unit members shall be designated as covered pursuant to the protections of California Vehicle Code, Section 1808.4.
Confidential Personal Information. 22 Section 5.08. Inapplicability of Sections 5.01 through 5.07 to Tax Matters 23 ARTICLE 6
Confidential Personal Information can only be disclosed by the Commission without consent where the person making the disclosure can prove that they reasonably believed: • That the information had previously been lawfully disclosed to the public; • That the disclosure was made under or pursuant to regulations under section 113 or 114 of the Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003 (c.43) (complaints about health care or social services) • That the disclosure was made in accordance with any enactment or court order; • That the disclosure was necessary or expedient for the purposes of protecting the welfare of any individual; or • That the disclosure was made to any person or body in circumstances where it was necessary or expedient to do so for the purpose of exercising statutory functions of that person or body. Or where the person making the disclosure can prove that it was made: • for the purpose of facilitating the exercise of any of the Commission’s functions; • in connection with the investigation of a criminal offence; or • For the purpose of criminal proceedings.
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