Conference of Parties Sample Clauses

Conference of Parties. 1. A Conference of all Parties to the Treaty shall be convened by the Depositary as soon as possible after the entry into force of the Treaty to, inter alia, elect members of the Commission and xx- xxxxxxx its headquarters. Further conferences of States Parties shall be held as necessary and at least every two years, and convened in accor- dance with paragraph 2 (b) of article 12.
Conference of Parties. 1. A Conference of Parties is hereby established. The Conference of Parties shall be the sovereign body of this Convention.
Conference of Parties 

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  • Independence of Parties Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed to make the Distributor the agent for the Company for any purpose, and neither party hereto shall have any right whatsoever to incur any liabilities or obligations on behalf or binding upon the other party. The Distributor specifically agrees that it shall have no power or authority to represent the Company in any manner; that it will solicit orders for products as an independent contractor in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; and that it will not at any time represent the Company in any manner; that it will solicit orders for products as an independent contractor in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; and that it will not at any time represent orally or in writing to any person or corporation or other business entity that it has any right, power or authority not expressly granted by this Agreement.

  • PRE-JOB CONFERENCE Section 1. Upon written request by either Party, a pre-job conference will be held prior to the time the Employees of such Employer begin work on the project.

  • SPECIAL CONFERENCES Special conferences for important matters may be arranged between the Local President and the University or its designated representative upon request of either party. Arrangements for such special conferences shall be made in advance and an agenda of the matters to be taken up at the meeting shall be presented at the time the conference is requested. Matters taken up in special conference shall be confined to those included in the agenda, except by mutual agreement to change the agenda. The members of the Union shall not lose time or pay for time spent in such special conferences. Such meetings shall not be for the purpose of conducting bargaining negotiations, nor to in any way modify, add to, or detract from the provisions of the Agreement. The agenda shall include a list of participants which will not be changed except on prior agreement by both parties. The University shall prepare a summary of the conference in writing within seven (7) calendar days.

  • Professional Conferences In the belief that attendance at professional meetings is desirable to maintain and improve professional competence and proficiency and enhance the educational program of the school district, teachers shall be encouraged to participate in such meetings within budget limitations.

  • Conference Telephone Meetings Directors or members of any committee of the Board may participate in a meeting of the Board or such committee by means of conference telephone or similar communications equipment by means of which all persons participating in the meeting can hear each other, and such participation in a meeting shall constitute presence in person at such meeting.

  • Cooperation of Parties All parties to this Agreement and any person claiming any interest hereunder agree to perform any and all acts and execute any and all documents and papers which are necessary or desirable for carrying out this Agreement or any of its provisions.

  • Conferences At the request of the State or the Engineer, conferences shall be provided at the Engineer's office, the office of the State, or at other locations designated by the State. These conferences shall also include evaluation of the Engineer's services and work when requested by the State.

  • Liaisons To assist the parties in the day-to-day performance of this Agreement, to ensure compliance, and provide ongoing consultation, a liaison shall be designated by the County and the Grantee. The County and the Grantee shall keep each other continually informed, in writing, of any change in the designated liaison. At the time of execution of this Agreement, the following persons are the designated liaisons: COUNTY LIAISON GRANTEE LIAISON Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Environmental Specialist Recycling Coordinator 000-000-0000 000-000-0000 xxxx.xxxxxx@xx.xxxxxx.xx.xx

  • Informal Conference The employee may within ten (10) working days of the alleged occurrence discuss his/her problem with his/her immediate administrative supervisor. Any employee not satisfied with a personal conference with his/her immediate administrative supervisor may take his/her problem to the Xxxxxxx for consultation. The Xxxxxxx may visit that supervisor in a further effort to resolve the grievance, which visit shall occur within ten (10) working days after the event giving rise to the problem. That supervisor shall give his/her decision within three (3) working days. The Association Executive Committee, through the Xxxxxxx and/or the Executive Committee, shall approve of, and process, all grievances to be pursued beyond the Informal Conference level of the Grievance Procedure.

  • Pre-Construction Conference Prior to commencement of the Work, the Contractor shall meet in conference with representatives of the Owner regarding the Owner's requirements under the Agreement for administration of the quality assurance program, safety program, labor provisions, the schedule of Work, and other contract procedures. The Contractor shall begin Work upon receipt of a written Notice to Proceed from the Project Manager. The Contractor shall not begin Work prior to receiving such notice.