Conditions of Access Sample Clauses

Conditions of Access. All rights of access for the Company under the Connection Agreement shall include the right for the Company to bring on to the Customer's Premises such vehicles, plant, machinery and construction materials as shall be reasonably necessary to carry out the functions in respect of which the right of access is granted. Any individual to whom access is given under the Connection Agreement shall comply with all reasonable directions given by the Customer and its appropriately authorised employees and agents as to general safety and site security requirements, prior to and when present on the Customer’s Premises. All such rights shall be exercisable free of charge or payment of any kind.
Conditions of Access. (a) The provisions of this Clause apply if and to the extent only that the Lessor or its Personnel are on the Site including for the purposes of delivering or collecting the Goods.
Conditions of Access. 1. ‘Signing-on’ is mandatory and is now completed on-line via the club’s website. TMC and/or co-promoting clubs will provide a media (pink) tabard (£10 returnable deposit required) that identifies the person as a ‘signed-on’ individual on condition that this is worn at all times when the competition is in progress (course ‘live’ = red flags withdrawn). This must be returned at the end of the meeting. No other tabard confirms ‘signed-on’ status.
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Conditions of Access. (a) Once the Breakthrough Panels have been removed from the Easement Site the Owner of the Lot Burdened:
Conditions of Access. The following conditions are met
Conditions of Access. Viewers agree and acknowledge that they are being granted access to the Information contained on the Website solely in order to review the Information. Viewers understand that their access to the Website is subject to the following additional conditions:
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