Conditions for Agency’s Benefit Sample Clauses

Conditions for Agency’s Benefit. Agency’s obligation to ground lease the Property to Developer shall be subject to satisfaction of the following conditions precedent:‌

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  • Coordination of Benefits The coordination of benefits (COB) provision applies when a Member has health care coverage under more than one plan. Plan is defined below. The order of benefit determination rules govern the order in which each plan will pay a claim for benefits. The plan that pays first is called the primary plan. The primary plan must pay benefits according to its policy terms without regard to the possibility that another plan may cover some expenses. The plan that pays after the primary plan is the secondary plan. In no event will a secondary plan be required to pay an amount in excess of its maximum benefit plus accrued savings. If the Member is covered by more than one health benefit plan, and the Member does not know which is the primary plan, the Member or the Member’s provider should contact any one of the health plans to verify which plan is primary. The health plan the Member contacts is responsible for working with the other plan to determine which is primary and will let the Member know within 30 calendar days. All health plans have timely claim filing requirements. If the Member or the Member’s provider fails to submit the Member’s claim to a secondary health plan within that plan’s claim filing time limit, the plan can deny the claim. If the Member experiences delays in the processing of the claim by the primary health plan, the Member or the Member’s provider will need to submit the claim to the secondary health plan within its claim filing time limit to prevent a denial of the claim. If the Member is covered by more than one health benefit plan, the Member or the Member’s provider should file all the Member’s claims with each plan at the same time. If Medicare is the Member’s primary plan, Medicare may submit the Member’s claims to the Member’s secondary carrier.

  • Description of Benefits During the term of employment under this Agreement, the Executive will be entitled to participate in all employee incentive, pension and welfare benefit plans and programs made available generally to other senior executives of the Company, as such plans or programs may be in effect from time to time (including, without limitation, incentive equity, profit sharing, savings and other pension and retirement plans or programs, medical, dental, hospitalization, short-term and long-term disability and life insurance plans, accidental death and dismemberment protection, and any other pension or retirement plans or programs and any other employee incentive compensation plans, employee welfare benefit plans or programs that may be sponsored by the Company from time to time and provided that Executive meets the eligibility requirements and other terms, conditions and restrictions of the respective plans and programs, including any plans that supplement the above-listed types of plans or programs, whether funded or unfunded). Payment for such coverages will be the sole responsibility of the Executive, unless the Company makes such coverages available to similarly situated executives on a shared cost basis. In addition, the Executive will be entitled to 4 weeks of paid vacation per year. The Company will pay for all reasonable expenses actually incurred by the Executive directly in connection with the business affairs of the Company and the performance of his duties hereunder, upon presentation of proper receipts or other proof of expenditure and subject to such reasonable guidelines or limitations provided by the Company from time to time.

  • Continuation of Health Benefits An eligible employee who is on an approved Family Care and/or Medical Leave shall be entitled to continue participation in health plan coverage (medical, dental, and optical) as if s/he were on pay status for a period of up to twelve (12) workweeks in the leave year. However, an employee on an approved Pregnancy Disability Leave who is dually eligible for leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act, shall be entitled for up to twelve (12) workweeks of health plan coverage for the combined Pregnancy Disability Leave/Parental Leave which runs concurrently with FMLA and/or CFRA. Other group insurance coverage and retirement benefits shall be continued in accordance with the provisions of the applicable group insurance and retirement system regulations.

  • Payment of Benefits The total amount payable under this Article II shall be paid to Executive in one (1) lump sum payment within two (2) payroll periods of the later of the following to occur: (a) Executive's Separation Date, or (b) the tender to the Company by Executive of an effective Waiver and Release (in substantially the form of Exhibit A attached hereto) and the expiration of any applicable revocation period for such waiver. In the event of a dispute with respect to liability or amount of any benefit due hereunder, an effective Waiver and Release shall be tendered at the time of final resolution of any such dispute when payment is tendered by the Company.

  • Payment in Lieu of Benefits a) All employees not transferred to the Trust who received pay in lieu of benefits under a collective agreement in effect as of August 31, 2014, shall continue to receive the same benefit.

  • Continuation of Benefits If, during the Employment Period, the Company terminates the Executive's employment other than for Cause or the Executive terminates his employment for Good Reason, the Executive (and, to the extent applicable, his dependents) shall be entitled, after the Date of Termination until the earlier of (1) the third anniversary of the Date of Termination (the "End Date") and (2) the date the Executive becomes eligible for comparable benefits under a similar plan, policy or program of a subsequent employer, to continue participation in all of the Company's group health and group life employee benefits plans (the "Group Benefit Plans"). To the extent any such benefits cannot be provided under the terms of the applicable plan, policy or program, the Company shall provide a comparable benefit under another plan or from the Company's general assets. The Executive's participation in the Group Benefit Plans will be on the same terms and conditions (including, without limitation, any condition that the Executive make contributions toward the cost of such coverage on the same terms and conditions generally applicable to similarly situated employees) that would have applied had the Executive continued to be employed by the Company through the End Date.

  • Extension of Benefits If you become Totally Disabled while covered under this plan and continue to be Totally Disabled on the date the Contract terminates, Blue Shield will extend Benefits directly related to the condition, illness, or injury causing your Total Disability until one of the following occurs: • 12 months from the effective date of termination; • The date you are no longer Totally Disabled; or • The date on which a replacement carrier provides coverage for your Total Disability. Your extension of Benefits will be subject to all the limitation and restrictions of this plan. You will not receive an extension of Benefits unless a Physician provides Blue Shield with written certification of your Total Disability within 90 days of the effective date of termination. After that, the Physician must continue to provide written certification of your Total Disability at reasonable intervals Blue Shield determines. Continuation of group coverage Please examine your options carefully before declining this coverage. You can continue coverage under this group plan when your Employer is subject to either Title X of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), as amended, or the California Continuation Benefits Replacement Act (Cal-COBRA). Your benefits under the group continuation of coverage provisions will be identical to the Benefits you would have received as an active Employee if the qualifying event had not occurred. Any changes in the coverage available to active Employees will also apply to group continuation coverage.

  • Payment of Benefit Beginning with the month immediately after the month in which the Executive attains Normal Retirement Age, the Bank shall pay the annual benefit to the Executive in equal monthly installments on the last day of each month. The annual benefit shall be paid to the Executive for 15 years.

  • Death Benefits Upon the Executive's death during the Contract Period, his estate shall not be entitled to any further benefits under this Agreement.

  • Calculation of Benefits Immediately following delivery of any Notice of Termination, the Company shall notify the Executive of the aggregate present value of all termination benefits to which he would be entitled under this Agreement and any other plan, program or arrangement as of the projected Date of Termination, together with the projected maximum payments, determined as of such projected Date of Termination that could be paid without the Executive being subject to the Excise Tax.