Concessionaire Sample Clauses

Concessionaire individually or collectively, the legal entities developing business activities that are members of the consortium, including the Operator.
Concessionaire. Pre-existing or new legal entity established by the Successful Party under the Applicable Laws and Provisions, and which executes the Contract with the GRANTOR. In any of these cases, the corporate purpose of the CONCESSIONAIRE shall be to develop electricity transmission activities in which the Qualified Operator is the holder of the Minimum Participation.
Concessionaire. The legal entity that is party to this Contract who is bound by this Contract to develop and operate the Concession at the Airport. Concessionaire shall include all approved sub- concessionaires of Concessionaire who are actually operating within the Assigned Areas pursuant to subleases with Concessionaire. In all provisions of this Contract that require a person to comply with a specific provision requiring representation of Concessionaire, this person shall be an authorized official of Concessionaire.
Concessionaire. Concessionaire shall obtain written approval from Department prior to installation of any of Concessionaire’s equipment on the Concession Premises.
Concessionaire shall provide a first class level of Concession services to all passengers and other Airport users that consistently demonstrate a high standard of quality, quantity, service and reasonableness of price that is consistent with the pricing requirements as further described below in Subsection 6.2.2 and in the Quality Assurance Program. The determination of a first class level of service shall be determined by the Director in his sole discretion.
Concessionaire. The Stadium Authority may, after consultation with 49ers Stadium Company, contract with an experienced and responsible concessionaire to operate the concessions within the Stadium. The Stadium Authority, in cooperation with 49ers Stadium Company, will be responsible for managing the concessionaire. The Parties will identify a mutually acceptable process for selecting the concessionaire.
Concessionaire. A company engaged at the Facility to provide products and services on a recurring basis to users of the Facility. “Concessionaire” shall not include the Food and Beverage Provider.
Concessionaire any person conducting any business in the Leased Premises by, under or through Tenant under any sublease, concession or license from Tenant, or otherwise, whether or not the same was authorized under the provisions of this Lease.
Concessionaire. It is the legal entity incorporated by the Successful Bidder whose sole corporate purpose is to develop the Project. Domiciled in Peru, the Concessionaire subscribes to the Concession Agreement with the Grantor.
Concessionaire. Concessionaire" shall mean a person or entity, including without limitation a shopkeeper, retailer or provider of services which has entered into a sublease, concession agreement, contract, license or similar agreement with Lessee for the transaction of business on or from the Premises or the operation of the Hotel.