Compliance With Laws and Agreements; Taxes Sample Clauses

Compliance with Laws and Agreements; Taxes. The Company shall comply with the provisions of any laws and the provisions of any agreements material to its or their businesses and operations and shall maintain its abilities to perform its obligations under all agreements material to its businesses and operations. The Company will promptly pay and discharge all lawful taxes (or file for an allowable extension), assessments and governmental charges or levies imposed upon it or upon or in respect of all or any part of its property or business and all claims for work, labor or materials which, if unpaid, might become a lien upon any of its assets material to the Company taken as a whole unless permitted by Section7.2(g) hereof or otherwise agreed to by the Requisite Banks; provided the Company shall not be required to pay any such tax, assessment, charge, levy, account payable or claim if (i) the validity, applicability or amount thereof is being contested in good faith by appropriate actions or proceedings which will prevent the forfeiture or sale of any property of the Company or any material interference with the use thereof by the Company, and (ii) the Company shall set aside on its books reserves deemed by the Company in its reasonable business judgment to be adequate with respect thereto or such greater amount as may be required by GAAP.