Completion of the Amalgamation Sample Clauses

Completion of the Amalgamation. Upon the satisfaction or waiver of the conditions herein contained in favour of each Party, ASEP and NewCo will immediately file the Amalgamation Application and such other documents as may be required to give effect to the Amalgamation. The Amalgamation will become effective at the Amalgamation Effective Date.
Completion of the Amalgamation. Upon the shareholders of each of the Amalgamating Corporations approving this Agreement as provided in Sections 18(a) and 18(b) of this Agreement, subject to the other provisions of this Agreement, the Amalgamating Corporations shall, on a date selected by the Amalgamating Corporations, jointly file with the director under the CBCA articles of amalgamation and such other documents as may be required in order for the Amalgamation to become effective in accordance with the CBCA.
Completion of the Amalgamation. Immediately upon completion of the Amalgamation:

Related to Completion of the Amalgamation

  • Execution of the Project Section 2.01. (a) The Federation declares its commitment to the objectives of the Project as set forth in Schedule 2 to the Development Credit Agreement, and, to this end, shall, carry out the Project with due diligence and efficiency and in conformity with appropriate administrative, financial, technical and environmental practices, and shall provide, or cause to be provided, promptly as needed, the funds, facilities, services and other resources required for the Project.