Competition Approval Sample Clauses

Competition Approval. The approval from the CCI in respect of the Acquisition and all other authorizations, consents, orders or approvals of, or declarations or filings with, or expirations or termination of waiting periods (together with any extensions thereof) imposed by, any Governmental Entity under any Non-Indian Antitrust Laws necessary for the consummation of the Acquisition or the Purchaser Share Issuance, shall have been obtained in writing, filed, made or shall have occurred, as applicable (collectively, the “Approval”), and shall be in effect and shall not be subject to any modifications (except such modifications that have been agreed to by each party in writing), it being agreed to that the issuance by the CCI of a letter informing the parties of the approval by the CCI of the Acquisition shall be deemed to constitute the Approval for purposes of the Competition Act.
Competition Approval. (a) The Corporation, Guarantors and Acquireco shall file any required pre-merger notifications with the Competition Authorities as soon as practicable. Counsel for the Corporation and Acquireco shall cooperate to the extent reasonably necessary to prepare the parties’ pre-merger notifications and the competition analysis and, if requested by any of the Competition Authorities, to promptly furnish additional information. Counsel for the Corporation and Acquireco may exchange confidential information of the parties on an “external counsel only” basis in order to prepare filings and to secure clearance of this transaction under the Competition Laws.
Competition Approval. on or before 30 June 2017:
Competition Approval. As soon as possible after the Signature Date, each of the Seller (on the one hand) and the Purchaser and SGL (on the other hand) will instruct its own attorneys and other advisors in connection with the preparation of the merger filing which will be submitted to the Competition Authority for purposes of the Condition Precedent in clause 3.1.4 (“the Merger Notification”) and the Parties agree that Nortons Inc will lodge and file the Merger Notification on the Parties’ behalf.
Competition Approval. The Purchaser shall instruct Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx to prepare and file the requisite merger notice in terms of the Competition Act with the South African Competition Authorities as soon as practicable after the Signature Date and simultaneously therewith seek the approval of the aforesaid authorities for the implementation of the Sale of CNEW Shares Agreement in the circumstances that only that agreement takes effect or takes effect prior to the implementation of this Agreement.
Competition Approval. The Parties’ obligation to complete the Transaction shall be subject to the Buyer’s receipt of the Competition Approval.
Competition Approval. German Merger Control Approval shall have been obtained.
Competition Approval. Without prejudice to clauses 5.3 (Communications), 5.4 (Assistance) and 5.5 (Notification), the Purchaser shall procure that its application for Competition Approval shall be completed and filed with the NCA as soon as possible. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Purchaser shall use its best endeavours to complete and file such application within five Business Days after the date of this agreement; however, if filing within such five Business Days is not achievable or prudent (despite the Purchaser having used its best endeavours), the time period for filing such application may be extended with the Institutional Seller's written consent (not to be unreasonably withheld). If the NCA notifies the Purchaser that it is to open an in-depth investigation of the Transaction, then the Purchaser shall promptly complete and file any additional applications or other documents required by the NCA.
Competition Approval. All required approvals, if any, of the Mexican Federal Competition Commission (Comisíon Federal de Competencia) applicable to the Transactions shall have been obtained.