Compensation for Class Members Sample Clauses

Compensation for Class Members. (a) Category 1 Class Members shall be entitled to compensation of $500.00 as general damages, plus any Special Damages as awarded by the Adjudicator;
Compensation for Class Members. 2.1 The Defendants and Third Party agree to create a Settlement Fund, to be held in the trust account of Class Counsel, and to be fully funded within 10 days from the date of the expiry of the Termination Option described in Article 3, below, if the Defendants do not exercise the Termination Option.

Related to Compensation for Class Members

  • Compensation for Damages 4.1 If the Principal has disqualified the Bidder from the tender process prior to the award according to Section 3, the Principal is entitled to demand and recover the damages equivalent Xxxxxxx Money Deposit/Bid Security.

  • Compensation Claims Within fifteen (15) days after the receipt by the Borrower of a certificate from the Agent on behalf of a Lender setting forth why such Lender is claiming compensation under Section 4.6 and computations (in reasonable detail) of the amount thereof, the Borrower shall pay to such Lender such additional amounts as such Lender sets forth in such certificate as sufficient fully to compensate it on account of the foregoing provisions of Section 4.6, together with interest on such amount from the 15th day after receipt of such certificate until payment in full thereof at the applicable interest rate on the Notes which is then in effect. The reasonable determination of such Lender of the amount to be paid to it and the basis for computation thereof hereunder shall, in the absence of manifest error, be conclusive. In determining such amount, such Lender may use any reasonable averaging and attribution methods.

  • Compensation for Losses Upon demand of any Lender (with a copy to the Administrative Agent) from time to time, the Borrower shall promptly compensate such Lender for and hold such Lender harmless from any loss, cost or expense incurred by it as a result of:

  • Deferral Account 3.1 Establishing and Crediting. The Company shall establish a Deferral Account on its books for the Director, and shall credit to the Deferral Account the following amounts:

  • Developer Compensation for Emergency Services If, during an Emergency State, the Developer provides services at the request or direction of the NYISO or Connecting Transmission Owner, the Developer will be compensated for such services in accordance with the NYISO Services Tariff.

  • SALARY DETERMINATION FOR EMPLOYEES IN ADULT EDUCATION 1. The following shall apply to employees providing instruction in adult education programs in these districts: School District No. 6 (Rocky Mountain) (former S.D. 3 Xxxxxxxxx) Employers instructing adult education academic credit courses. School District No. 36 (Surrey) Continuing Education employees in the Adult Education High School Completion Program (credit courses) and Adult Education Academic Upgrading Programs (Adult Basic Education, General Education Development, Pre-General Education Development, Literacy and Adult Education English Language Programs). School District No. 37 (Delta) Employees teaching Adult Education academic programs including: High School Completion Program, Pathfinder High School Completion Program, Academic Business Education Program, General Equivalency Diploma Program, Adult Basic Education Program, Adult English as a Second Language Program, and Adult Special Education Program, in the Continuing Education Division.

  • Compensation for Overtime Instead of cash payment for overtime, an employee may choose to receive time off at the appropriate overtime rate at a time mutually agreed between the Chief Executive Officer or designate and the employee. Lieu time may be accrued up to a maximum of five (5) days. Any lieu time not taken by December 31st shall be paid or may, with prior approval of the Chief Executive Officer or designate, be carried over until April 30th of the next year. Notwithstanding the foregoing, overtime of one (1) hour or less shall be taken as time off instead of cash payment.

  • Compensation Benefits Etc During the Employment Period, the Manager shall be compensated as follows:

  • Distributions on Account of Separation from Service If and to the extent required to comply with Section 409A, no payment or benefit required to be paid under this Agreement on account of termination of the Executive’s employment shall be made unless and until the Executive incurs a “separation from service” within the meaning of Section 409A.

  • Deferral Election I hereby elect to defer receipt of all Performance-Based Restricted Stock Awards granted to me in 2005 under The Progressive Corporation 2003 Incentive Plan. This election shall become effective as of the date the restrictions applicable to such Awards (or portion thereof) expire and shall not apply to any Award (or portion thereof) that fails to vest free of all restrictions.