Commonwealth Sample Clauses

Commonwealth. The term “Commonwealth” shall have the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Government will:
Commonwealth. A person who is not ordinarily resident in Australia may be refused registration as a company auditor or liquidator. At least one partner in a firm providing auditing services must be a registered company auditor who is ordinarily resident in Australia. New South Wales A person must be ordinarily resident in New South Wales in order to be an auditor of specified kinds of societies and associations.
Commonwealth. Signed for and on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Name Position Date Grantee Full legal name of the Grantee <Grantee Legal Name> Name of Authorised Representative Date Schedule 2 Reporting templates‌ CRC Projects Program - Quarterly progress report Submit your completed report to your customer service manager via email. Grantee name [organisation name] Project title [project title] Project number [project number] Funding Period [funding period start date] to [funding period end date] Reporting period [reporting period start date] to [reporting period end date] Project progress
Commonwealth. A. The following investments (2) may be subject to objections by the Australian Government and may also require notification to the Government: (a) investments by foreign persons (3) of five per cent or more in the media sector, regardless of the value of the investment;
Commonwealth. The Commonwealth, by joining in this Agreement for the limited purposes set forth on the signature page hereof, as one of the fee owners of part of the Commonwealth Area and Shed C, consents to the specific construction, repairs, restorations, alterations, demolition and filling of berths by HOLT which PRPA has approved pursuant to this Agreement, and such other matters as PRPA may from time to time approve in the future under this Section 7.6, to the extent required under the Commonwealth Sublease, the Commonwealth Leases or in any other instrument, lease or agreement.
Commonwealth. Signed for and on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources. Name <name> Position <position > Date <date of execution > Grantee Full legal name of the Grantee <name of the grantee> <ABN of the grantee> Name of Authorised Representative <name of authorised representative> Date <date of acceptance> Schedule 2 Reporting requirements Appendix 1 Accelerating Commercialisation - progress report requirements You will need to provide the following information in your progress reports. The Commonwealth reserves the right to amend or adjust the requirements. You must complete and submit your report on the portal. You can enter the required information in stages and submit when it is complete. Project progress Complete the following table, updating for all milestones shown in the Activity Schedule of your grant agreement. Milestone Agreed end date Actual/ anticipated end date Current % complete Progress commentswork undertaken and impact of any delay Where applicable, describe any project activities completed during the reporting period that are not captured in the table above. Is the overall project proceeding in line with your grant agreement? If no, identify any changes or anticipated issues. Comment on any impacts on project timing and outcomes and how you expect to manage these. Are there any planned events relating to the project that you are required to notify us about in accordance with your agreement? If yes, provide details of the event including date, time, purpose of the event and key stakeholders expected to attend. If you have any conditions of funding in your grant agreement, are you are compliant with those conditions? If no, provide details. Project outcomes Outline the project outcomes achieved to date. How are you progressing towards commercialisation of your product/process or service? Have there been any developments during the project period which may impact on your commercialisation strategy? Project expenditure Provide the following information about your eligible project expenditure. Eligible expenditure is divided into the same categories as the budget in your application. If you are registered for GST, enter the GST exclusive amount. If you are not registered for GST, enter the GST inclusive amount. We may ask you to provide evidence of costs incurred. Refer to the grant opportunity guidelines or contact us if you have any questions about eligible expenditure. What...
Commonwealth. 10. Notices and other writings delivered or mailed postage prepaid to the Fund addressed to the Fund in care of Mercury Asset Management International Limited, 33 King William Street, London EC4R 9AS England or to such other address as the Fund may have designated to the Custodian in writing, or to the Custodian at 40 Water Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02109, Attention: Manager, Securities Department, or to such other address as the Custodian may have designated to the Fund in writing, shall be deemed to have been properly delivered or given hereunder to the respective addressee.
Commonwealth. 3.2 The Commonwealth, States and Territories recognise: the Commonwealth has an important national role and responsibility to counter-terrorism; the Commonwealth will maintain Australian Government counter-terrorism related strategies, policies and legislation; the Commonwealth will maintain counter-terrorism capabilities within the Commonwealth agencies; and Commonwealth agencies will support the States and Territories as appropriate.