Commonwealth Sample Clauses

Commonwealth. The Commonwealth of Australia, including: the Department of Defence; and Other Commonwealth Agencies.
Commonwealth. The term “Commonwealth” shall have the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
Commonwealth. A person who is not ordinarily resident in Australia may be refused registration as a company auditor or liquidator. At least one partner in a firm providing auditing services must be a registered company auditor who is ordinarily resident in Australia. New South Wales A person must be ordinarily resident in New South Wales in order to be an auditor of specified kinds of societies and associations.
Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Government will:
Commonwealth. Senator the Hon. Xxxxxxxx Duniam Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries Victoria: The Xxx. Xxxx X’Ambrosio MP Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change The Parties to this Scoping Agreement are represented by the Lead RFA Ministers for the approval of the: Terms of the Scoping Agreement; Panel members; and Agreement of an approach to responding to the report by the Panel.
Commonwealth. A. The following investments (2) may be subject to objections by the Australian Government and may also require notification to the Government: (a) investments by foreign persons (3) of five per cent or more in the media sector, regardless of the value of the investment;
Commonwealth notices Name: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Position: Director, Regional Projects Section Department of the Environment Postal address: GPO Box 787, Canberra, ACT, 2601 Physical address: Xxxx Xxxxxx Building, Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, ACT, 2600 Phone: (00) 0000 0000 Email: Recipient: Name: Xx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Position: Director, Intergovernmental and Strategic Projects, Water and Catchments Group Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Postal address: PO Box 500 Melbourne VIC 8002 Physical address: 0 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, East Melbourne VIC 3002 Email: Schedule 2 – Activity Particulars ‌
Commonwealth. Signed for and on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Name Position Date Grantee Full legal name of the Grantee <Grantee Legal Name> Name of Authorised Representative Date Schedule 2 Reporting templates‌ CRC Projects Program - Quarterly progress report Submit your completed report to your customer service manager via email. Grantee name [organisation name] Project title [project title] Project number [project number] Funding Period [funding period start date] to [funding period end date] Reporting period [reporting period start date] to [reporting period end date] Project progress
Commonwealth municipal or other governmental authority; will observe and comply with all conditions and requirements necessary to preserve and extend any and all rights, licenses, permits (including, but not limited to, zoning variances, special exceptions and non-conforming uses), privileges, franchises, and concessions which are applicable to the Mortgaged Premises or which have been granted to or contracted for by the Mortgagor in connection with any existing or presently contemplated use of the Mortgaged Premises; and will permit the Mortgagee or its agents, at all reasonable times to enter into and inspect the Mortgaged Premises. The Mortgagee shall have the right at any time provided that there is reasonable cause to suspect that the proper maintenance of the Mortgaged Premises has not been undertaken, to engage an independent realtor to survey the adequacy of the maintenance of the Mortgaged Premises, and to require the Mortgagor, by notice in writing, to make such repairs and replacements thereof as such realtor shall determine to be necessary in order to protect and preserve the rentability and usability of the Mortgaged Premises, it being understood that the Mortgagor shall reimburse the Mortgagee for the cost of such survey unless the same determines such maintenance to be reasonably adequate, in which case the cost thereof shall be at the expense of the Mortgagee. TENTH: SUBSEQUENT LIENS. The Mortgagor will not voluntarily create or permit to be created or filed against the Mortgaged Premises, or any part thereof, any mortgage lien or other lien or liens inferior or superior to the lien of the mortgage hereby constituted, and will keep and maintain the Mortgaged Premises free from the claim of any persons supplying labor or materials for the construction of any buildings or other improvements on the Mortgaged Premises, notwithstanding by whom such labor or materials may have