COMMITTED A NOTES; TELEPHONIC NOTICES. Each Lender is hereby authorized to record the principal amount of each of its Loans and each repayment on the schedule attached to its applicable Committed A Notes; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that the failure to so record shall not affect the Borrower's obligations under any such Committed A Note. The Borrower hereby authorizes the Swing Line Bank to extend Swing Line Loans, Lenders and the Agent to extend, convert or continue Committed Advances, effect selections of Types of Advances and to transfer funds based on telephonic notices made by any person or persons the Agent or any Lender in good faith believes to be acting on behalf of the Borrower. All actions taken by the Lenders and the Agent upon such telephonic notices are hereby approved by the Borrower, and the Lenders and the Agent shall incur no liability as a result of any such actions. The Borrower agrees to deliver promptly to the Agent a written confirmation, if such confirmation is requested by the Agent or any Lender, of each telephonic notice signed by an Authorized Officer. If the written confirmation differs in any material respect from the action taken by the Agent and the Lenders, the records of the Agent and the Lenders shall govern absent manifest error.