Commitment With Epimmune Sample Clauses

Commitment with Epimmune. Following an agreement signed in October 2002 with Epimmune, a San Diego-based biotech company, to acquire a license to develop and use several antigenic peptides, IDM agreed to pay Epimmune a non-refundable upfront license fee of $150 (€154), which was expensed as incurred In 2003, after pre-clinical evaluation, IDM and Epimmune chose to proceed with the clinical trials and IDM paid an additional license fee of $350 (€328) in February 2003 and a milestone payment of $350 (€304) upon a successful investigational new drug filing in June 2003. These amounts were expensed as incurred. Other milestone payments for which IDM may be liable to Epimmune in the future, but only upon the occurrence of future events, being the initiation of Phase III trials through to market approval, total $2,750 (€2,016). The Company can however terminate the license agreement subject to giving Epimmune 30 days prior notice before such milestone events occur.