Commercial Recycling Public Education, Outreach Program, and Community Events Sample Clauses

Commercial Recycling Public Education, Outreach Program, and Community Events. Contractor shall provide a Commercial Recycling Public Education and Outreach Program that is responsible for supporting Commercial Customer with recycling related education services.Contractor shall be responsible for preparing, and distributing signs at Commercial Premises that promote Recyclable Materials Collection services, describe the program requirements, and identify allowable and prohibited types of materials for Collection.Immediately upon a new Customer’s request for new service, Contractor shall notify Customer by phone or email of the Recyclable Materials Collection services offered by Contractor. Such notification shall be provided in English and Spanish and shall be provided prior to finalizing a Customer’s request for a subscription to new service(s).Contractor shall provide full on-site waste assessment and technical assistance to fifty (50) of the City’s largest Commercial Customers (based on weekly Solid Waste generation) annually to assist in maximizing diversion. For all other Commercial Generators, Contractor shall provide technical assistance as needed or requested by the Commercial Customer.The PROPOSER will be required to indemnify the City for the diversion of recyclables in accordance with AB 939 and AB 341.