COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE. 21.1 The following provisions shall apply to those employees who are required to hold commercial driver's licenses.
COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE. The Township shall reimburse the employees the cost of their CDL for those persons obtaining their CDL from and after January 1, 1991. The Township will also pay the cost of the DOT required physical examination. The Township will make available a vehicle for the employee’s use in taking the road test and will pay for the cost of the road test. Those employees who possess a CDL for which the Township pays the cost as provided for herein shall not automatically be made Equipment Operators but shall be subject to Random Drug Testing under the DOT regulations and the Township Policy and Procedure. If an employee receives a traffic violation pursuant to a Township vehicle for not meeting safety standards or for a Commercial drivers License Violation that is not the employee’s responsibility, then the Township will provide the employee with legal representation for the violation.
COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE. 8 METRO agrees to pay for Commercial Driver License (CDL) renewals for all Employees 9 who are required by RAIL to have a CDL or wish to maintain their CDL.
COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE. The Board will reimburse seniority employees required to hold a commercial driver license by the District for the full cost of renewal of said license. If an employee quits before June 15 of the School year in which the license was renewed, the cost of said license will be deducted from the employee’s last check.
COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE. A license authorizing the operation ofClass A”, “Class B” or “Class Cvehicles, including a license issued under s. 343.065, shall be labeled “Commercial Driver License” or “CDL”. A commercial driver license may be endorsed to permit the operation of any other class or type of vehicle described in s. 343.04. A commercial driver license may be subject to restrictions, including the attachment of a special restrictions card as provided in s. 343.17 (4).
COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE. 6 METRO agrees to pay for Commercial Driver License (CDL) renewals for all Employees 7 who are required to have a CDL, all Supervisors, and Utility Service Workers per Article 17, Section 8 2, Paragraph D.
COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE. Each employee whose job assignment requires him/her to operate, drive, or maintain a commercial motor vehicle shall possess a valid commercial California driver license and endorsements as follows: Classification Required License Endorsements Junior Plant Operator A; or B (1) and (2) Tank Vehicle & Hazardous Materials Plant Operator A; or B (1) and (2) Tank Vehicle & Hazardous Materials Senior Plant Operator A; or B (1) and (2) Tank Vehicle & Hazardous Materials
COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE. If the Company does not provide the employee with Commercial Driver License training (e.g., the Company does not provide in-house training), then the Company will reimburse the employee for all fees associated with obtaining the license as long as the employee obtains the training from a vendor approved by the Company. This reimbursement will be paid to the employee, on a one time basis, upon successfully passing the test. The Company will also reimburse employees for the full non-taxed fee associated with renewal of a Commercial Driver License. The Company will only reimburse employees who hold positions which require a Commercial Driver License.
COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE. CDL) means a license issued in accordance with the