Commencement of Foreclosure Sample Clauses

Commencement of Foreclosure. The first official action required under local law to commence foreclosure proceedings or to schedule a trustee’s sale under a deed of trust, including: (i) in the case of a mortgage, any filing or service of process necessary to commence an action to foreclose; or (ii) in the case of a deed of trust, the posting, publishing, filing or delivery of a notice of sale.

Related to Commencement of Foreclosure

  • Commencement of Final Design This contract does not obligate the State to proceed with final design for any alternative. On completion of environmental documentation, the State will consider all reasonable alternatives in a fair and objective manner. Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in the contract or in any work authorization, the Engineer may not proceed with final design until after all relevant environmental decision documents have been issued.

  • Commencement of Agreement (1) This Agreement shall come into operation upon the first day of the calendar month following the date upon which the later of the following events occurs—

  • Service Commencement Date The date the Transmission Provider begins to provide service pursuant to the terms of an executed Service Agreement, or the date the Transmission Provider begins to provide service in accordance with Section 15.3 or Section 29.1 under the Tariff.

  • Commencement of Negotiations Within five (5) days of satisfaction of the public notice requirement, and not later than forty-five (45) days following submission of the proposal, negotiations shall commence at a mutually acceptable time and place for the purpose of considering changes in this Agreement.

  • Lease Commencement Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, if Lessor, for any reason whatsoever, including Lessor's negligence except as provided for in Article 27(b), cannot deliver possession of the Premises, as provided for in Article 27(a), to Lessee at the commencement of the agreed Term as set forth in Article 2, this Lease shall not be void or voidable, nor shall Lessor be liable to Lessee for any loss or damage resulting therefrom, but in that event, the Term shall be for the full term as specified above to commence from and after the date Lessor shall have delivered possession of the Premises to Lessee or from the date Lessor would have delivered possession of the Premises to Lessee but for Lessee's failure to timely supply to Lessor such drawings and/or information required by Exhibit C or for any other reason attributable to Lessee (herein the "Commencement Date") and to expire midnight of the day immediately preceding Term anniversary of the Commencement Date, and if requested by Lessor, Lessor and Lessee shall, ratify and confirm said Commencement and Expiration Dates by completing and signing Exhibit G attached hereto and made a part hereof.

  • Purchaser's Election to Commence Foreclosure Proceedings (a) In connection with any Mortgage Loan identified in a report under Section 2.01(a)(i)(B), the Purchaser may elect to instruct the Company to cause, to the extent that the Company as Master Servicer is granted such authority in the related Servicing Agreement, the related Servicer to proceed with the Commencement of Foreclosure as soon as practicable. Such election must be evidenced by written notice received by the Company by 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on the third Business Day following the delivery of such report under Section 2.01(a)(i).

  • NOTICE OF FORMAL PROCEEDINGS The Trust, MFS, and the Company agree that each such party shall promptly notify the other parties to this Agreement, in writing, of the institution of any formal proceedings brought against such party or its designees by the NASD, the SEC, or any insurance department or any other regulatory body regarding such party's duties under this Agreement or related to the sale of the Policies, the operation of the Accounts, or the purchase of the Shares.

  • Occupancy After Foreclosure Any sale of the Mortgaged Property or any part thereof will divest all right, title and interest of Mortgagor in and to the property sold. Subject to applicable law, any purchaser at a foreclosure sale will receive immediate possession of the property purchased. If Mortgagor retains possession of such property or any part thereof subsequent to such sale, Mortgagor will be considered a tenant at sufferance of the purchaser, and will, if Mortgagor remains in possession after demand to remove, be subject to eviction and removal, forcible or otherwise, with or without process of law.

  • Commencement of Proceedings Any claim notified pursuant to Clause 11.2 shall (if it has not been previously satisfied, settled or withdrawn) be deemed to be irrevocably withdrawn 9 months after the relevant time limit set out in Clause 10.2 unless, at the relevant time, legal proceedings in respect of the relevant claim have been commenced by being both issued and served except:

  • Commencement of Leave Subject to the following paragraph, parental leave must commence no later than the first anniversary date of the birth or adoption of the child or of the date on which the child comes into the actual care and custody of the employee. The employee will decide when their parental leave is to commence and, where possible, will take said leave at a time that is mutually agreeable to the Co-operative and the employee. Where an employee intends to take parental leave in addition to maternity leave, the employee must commence the parental leave immediately on expiry of the maternity leave without a return to work after expiry of the maternity leave and before the commencement of the parental leave, unless the employee and the Co-operative otherwise agree.