Collection of Contribution Payments Sample Clauses

Collection of Contribution Payments. The Fees payable by Client for Client’s use of the LaterPay Services are set forth in Appendix A attached hereto. LaterPay reserves the right to revise Appendix A and the fees listed therein at any time with sixty (60) daysnotice to Client.LaterPay shall communicate the amounts contained in Client’s invoices to the Payment Service Provider and the Payment Service Provider shall forward corresponding payment to the Client subject to the terms of this Agreement including, but not limited to, the below subsection (5).For your information only, if Contributions are made in currencies other than the currency of Client's home country (the “Currency”), LaterPay will use a currency conversion rate into such Currency determined by an associated financial institution of LaterPay. All conversion rates applied will appear in the LaterPay credit note for Client’s information purposes only. In addition to thecurrency conversion into the Currency for such Contributions, LaterPay may impose on Users a surcharge of two and one-half percent (2.5%) (“Foreign Transaction Fee”) of the Contribution amount. The Client shall have no obligation to pay this Foreign Transaction Fee. LaterPay reserves the right to change the Foreign Transaction Fee by providing notice on its Site and/or by providing written notice to Users.When available, LaterPay may provide notification to Client of the option to accept more than one currency as a Contribution. The Client may take advantage of such option by responding to LaterPay’s notification identifying the respective currencies that it wishes to accept. LaterPay shall confirm acceptance of Client’s response by