Co-Promotion Plan Sample Clauses

Co-Promotion Plan. The JDCC shall prepare a Co-Promotion Plan for each Co-Developed Product for the Co-Development Territory which shall include, but not be limited to, (a) demographics and market dynamics, market strategies, and estimated launch date of such Co-Developed Product in the Co-Development Territory, (b) a sales and expense forecast (including at least five (5) years of estimated sales and expenses), manufacturing plans and targeted label claims for such Co-Developed Product in the Co-Development Territory, (c) a marketing plan (including five (5) year advertising and Detailing forecasts and pricing strategies) for such Co-Developed Product in the Co-Development Territory, and (d) a five (5) year budget for such Co-Developed Product for the Co-Development Territory. The Co-Promotion Plan and annual written updates thereto shall be submitted to the JDCC for review by a date to be established by the JDCC, taking into account Xxxxxx’x and Enanta’s annual budget planning calendars, but no later than December 31 of each Calendar Year.
Co-Promotion Plan. If Ambit elects to exercise the Co-Promotion Option with respect to a Product, then promptly after such election the JCC shall discuss and agree on a Co-Promotion Plan setting forth, on an annual basis, the Co-Promotion activities to be conducted by the Parties with respect to the Co-Promoted Product and a budget for the Direct Marketing/Promotion Expenses and Indirect Marketing Expenses that Astellas proposes to incur in support of the commercialization of such Co-Promoted Product in the U.S. As necessary or appropriate throughout the applicable Co-Promotion Term, but no less frequently than annually and prior to October 31 of each Calendar Year, the JCC shall review and update and amend the Co-Promotion Plan as appropriate to commercialize the Co-Promoted Product in the U.S.
Co-Promotion Plan. The Co-Promotion Plan will be an amendment to the Marketing Plan and will be finalized not later than six (6) months before launch in the United States.
Co-Promotion Plan. The Commercialization of the Co-Promotion Product(s) in the Co-Promotion Territory shall be conducted pursuant to a comprehensive multi-year plan (the “Co-Promotion Plan”). At least […***…] prior to the anticipated date of the First Commercial Sale of the Co-Promotion Product, AbbVie shall propose to the JCC the initial Co-Promotion Plan. The Co-Promotion Plan shall allocate responsibility for such Commercialization activities among the Parties. The JCC shall review and approve the Co-Promotion Plan within […***…] after receipt.
Co-Promotion Plan. If Celgene has not [ * ] and Array has exercised its Co-Promotion Option in accordance with Section 8.2.1 above, Celgene shall prepare, in consultation with Array and the JCC, the operating plan for co-promotion of each Co-Promoted Product (each, a “Co-Promotion Plan”), which shall be reviewed and approved by the JCC at least twelve (12) months prior to the anticipated first commercial sale of the applicable Co-Promoted Product in the United States. Each Co-Promotion Plan shall set out in reasonable detail: (a) overall strategies with respect to promoting and marketing the applicable Co-Promoted Product in the United States; (b) the activities to be conducted and the responsibilities of each Party in connection with the co-promotion of the applicable Co-Promoted Product; and (c) a fair and reasonable allocation between Celgene and Array of activities under such Co Promotion Plan, including for example, a reasonable allocation of promotion responsibilities within major metropolitan areas, indications and channels and of access to key opinion leaders and the like in accordance with such allocation. Without limiting the foregoing, with respect to any Co-Promoted Product within the field of oncology, the applicable Co-Promotion Plan shall include a fair and reasonable allocation to Array of promotion responsibilities in the major cancer centers in each of the United States and to oncologists and other specialist physicians in the United States. [ * ] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 24b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.
Co-Promotion Plan. The [***] for the [***], but not be [***] in the [***] and [***] for such [***] for such [***] for such [***] shall be [***] ARCHEMIX’S [***] and shall be [***] and [***] MERCK’s and ARCHEMIX’s [***]r.
Co-Promotion Plan. Within [***] of the date of exercise by DICERNA of a Co-Promotion Option, the JMC shall prepare a Co-Promotion Plan for each Co-Promoted Product for the Co-Promotion Territory. The Co-Promotion Plan shall include [***].
Co-Promotion Plan. The Parties acknowledge that, as XenoPort has exercised its Co-Promotion Option on the Option Exercise Date, [… * …] consistent with the Commercialization Plan for the United States (“Co-Promotion Plan”),which set out in reasonable detail: (i) [… * …] in connection with the Co-Promotion [… * …] (ii) [… * …] (iii) [… * …] and (iv) [… * …]
Co-Promotion Plan. The Co-Promotion Committee shall develop and oversee the implementation of an annual plan (the "Co-Promotion Plan") for the Co-Promotion of the Products in the Territory; provided that Abbott shall be responsible for making all final decisions relating to the implementation of the Co-Promotion Plan, and further provided that unless expressly agreed otherwise by the Parties, the Abbott Sales Representatives and the Triangle Sales Representatives shall be treated in a like and equal manner such that: (i) the sampling Programs as well as the *** per Sales Representative shall be identical for both sales forces; and (ii) *** *** Portions of this page have been omitted pursuant to a request for Confidential Treatment and filed separately with the Commission. per Sales Representative shall be identical for both sales forces. In preparing the Co-Promotion Plan, the Co-Promotion Committee shall use its Reasonable Best Efforts to coordinate its activities with the U.S. Marketing Board (as defined in the Collaboration Agreement) with respect to its preparation of the U.S. Co-Promotion Plan (as defined in the Collaboration Agreement).
Co-Promotion Plan. As provided in, and without limiting the generality of, Section 2.4.2, the CPT shall develop the Co-Promotion Plan. The CPT shall develop the initial Co-Promotion Plan prior to the Launch Date and amend and update the Co-Promotion [ * ] Confidential Treatment Requested Plan annually during the Active Period, or more frequently as determined by the Coordination Committee. The Co-Promotion Plan for the year scheduled to be the final year of the Active Period shall be submitted to the Coordination Committee ninety (90) days in advance of the start of such year and shall specifically address transitioning all promotional activities to ZGEN, including phasing out the use of Bayer’s Product Trademarks, in an orderly and efficient manner. The CPT may address and include any of the activities or responsibilities set forth in Section 2.4.2 in the Co-Promotion Plan and, to the extent included therein, the Co-Promotion Plan will state the responsibilities of each Party with respect to the same. Neither Party shall make any material change in any Co-Promotion Plan without the prior approval of the CPT.