CMP1 Sample Clauses

CMP1. ASAPER.DOC Exhibit 10.21 D1 1.3.94:D2 4.3.94:D3 6.5.94 D4 9.5.94:D5 10.8.94:D6 29.8.94 D7: 30.8.94 MANUFACTURING AGREEMENT between NOVOSTE B.V. Dillenburgstraat 11a 5652 AM Eindhoven The Netherlands (hereinafter referred to as "Novoste B.V.") and AORTECH EUROPE LIMITED Incorporated under the Companies Acts and having their registered office at Phoenix Crescent Strathclyde Business Park Bellshill Lanarkshire ML4 3NJ Scotland (Hereinafter referred to as "AorTech") WHEREAS, Novoste Corporation has developed the Product (as hereinafter defined) and has licensed the related intellectual property and technology to its wholly owned subsidiary Novoste B.V., and Novoste B.V. wishes AorTech to manufacture the Product; and WHEREAS, AorTech has agreed to manufacture the Product and purchase the components therefore, NOW THEREFORE 1.0 GENERAL UNDERSTANDING