Club Sample Clauses

Club. The Allottee/Transferee shall have an option of becoming a member of Club Sinclairs upon payment of all requisite fees and charges for the same as demanded and under the terms and conditions as fixed by the Sinclairs authority from time to time. In the event of the Allottee/Transferee exercising its option to become a member thereof, it shall be bound by the rules and regulations of the Club, all of which will be fixed and/or determined by the Club from time to time, including regarding any default in payment of any fees and/or charges. All decisions in this regard shall be entirely of Sinclairs and the Promoter/Transferor shall neither be involved nor be liable for the same under any circumstances whatsoever.
Club. Use of the Club: be entitled to use and enjoy the Club as per the applicable rules of the Club to be built within the Project upon payment of the applicable club charges. In this regard it is clarified that the club facilities are expected to be operational only after the majority of the Allotteer of the Apartment/Units have moved into the Project and also only after the club management and/or the Promoter getting suitable professional operator at a reasonable cost for operating such club facilities. CLUB MEMBERSHIP AND FACILITIES - The Promoter proposes to develop a Club having usual club facility. The Allottee consents to be a member of this Club and to pay the initial membership fees as in applicable then. The use of the facilities shall be against payment of applicable charges thereof only and membership of the Allottee shall be subject to rules and regulations made applicable therefore and be liable to be cancelled on non-payment or non-fulfillment. The membership and facilities at the said Club may be given to outsiders and /or to non- residents and/or any person who may or may not be a Co-owner in the Project. In this regard it is clarified that the club facilities are expected to be operational only after the majority of the Allottee of the Apartment/Units have moved into the Project and also only after the club management and/or the Promoter getting suitable professional operator at a reasonable cost for operating such club facilities. On the Club becoming functional, the Allottee shall pay the charges as prescribed from time to time for running, maintenance, replacement and/or otherwise in respect of the Club and its fit outs, facilities and usage and shall also abide by the rules and regulations framed by the Promoter or its authorized representative for proper management and use of the Club. All fit outs, equipment, sporting gear, furniture and fixture shall at all times be the absolute property of the said Association / Maintenance Body. The Allottee, Co-owners, members, or any other person shall not at any time claim ownership regarding the same.
Club. Tenant shall construct and operate in the 1270 Space a first-class, private dining club (the “Club”) to be used by Tenant primarily in connection with events held in the Music Hall. The Club shall provide restaurant service to the patrons of such events invited by Tenant and, at other times, to other persons having a membership in the Club (“Members”) and to private parties. The Club shall not be open to the general public. Subject to compliance by Tenant with of all of the covenants, agreements, terms and conditions of this Lease, including all Requirements relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages, Tenant may serve beer, wine and liquor in the Club provided that such service is provided in a manner consistent with first-class clubs and restaurants in midtown Manhattan.
Club. Company shall reimburse Executive for all general club dues and business related expenses incurred at the clubs set forth in EXHIBIT “A”.
Club. The Club shall be a part of the Complex Common Portions. The Developer will initially manage it by itself or through its nominee or nominees, which can be an agency having knowledge, competency and expertise in running a Club. The Developer will hand over the management of the Club to the Complex Association upon its formation. All the purchasers of Units of the Complex will be members of the Club. All purchasers may request for additional membership to the Club for the occupants of their Units, which may be permitted by the Developer or the concerned Association on such terms and conditions as the Developer or the concerned Association may deem fit and proper, which will, inter alia, be as under:
Club. The Club is an association of the owners of Memberships in the Club and the owner or lessee of the various Property to be available to its Members for resort and recreational use pursuant to the Club Governing Documents. The Club was formerly known as CLUB ESPRIT.
Club. Club holds and manages the Units for the benefit of the Members. Membership in Club includes voting rights to elect directors and to vote directly on certain Club decisions.
Club. The Company will reimburse the Executive for periodic dues for his membership in clubs located in Bermuda in an amount not to exceed $2,200 per fiscal year. The Company will not reimburse initiation fees for club membership under this Agreement, in light of reimbursements made by the Company to the Executive's prior employer with respect to initiation fees for club membership for the period during which the Executive performed services for the Company but was employed by the prior employer.
Club. Stonegate Golf Club at Solivita (the “Club”) is a golf club owned and operated by Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx of Florida, Inc. and/or its affiliates, successors and assigns (“Club Owner”). Club Owner engaged and authorized Solivita Golf & Hospitality, LLC, and its affiliate, Hampton Golf, Inc. (collectively, “Hampton Golf”), as Club Owner’s exclusive manager, to operate, manage and maintain the Club and its associated facilities (collectively, “Club Facilities”) on behalf of Club Owner. All capitalized terms used in this Membership Application & Agreement (this “Agreement”) that are not defined herein shall have the meanings given to them in the Club’s Membership Plan, which is incorporated herein by this reference. In the event of a conflict between this Agreement and the Membership Plan, the Membership Plan shall control. Each reference in this Agreement to Club Owner shall also mean Hampton Golf. Moreover, references in this Agreement to the “Club” in regards to decision making or the exercise of discretion shall be deemed to refer to Club Owner and Hampton Golf, and Club Owner and Hampton Golf are hereafter sometimes referred to as the “Club.”
Club. A professional football club which participates in one of the professional football competitions/leagues mentioned in Annex 6.