Closure Fund Sample Clauses

Closure Fund. The Operator may establish and administer a closure fund to be applied by the Operator to satisfy any legal obligations of the Parties respecting a mine maintenance plan or mine closure plan, including obligations for severance pay, pensions, rehabilitation and reclamation work. Each Party shall contribute its proportionate share of such fund based on such Party’s Joint Venture Interest at the time of the establishment of the fund (or at the time of the contribution, in respect of subsequent contributions). The Operator shall invest any unused portion of such fund and all income thereon shall accrue in such fund. If the Operator determines that such fund, or any portion thereof, is no longer necessary, the Operator shall make payments to the Parties in proportion to their contribution to such closure fund on the date of such payments.
Closure Fund. In order to assure the proper and expeditious closure of the facility after the cessation of waste disposal activities of the facility, the State may require additional closure fees to be deposited in the Perpetual Maintenance Fund. The State shall maintain a segregated account of closure fee payments which are deposited in the Closure Fund which shall be utilized in paying all reasonable costs of closure, including approved closure related work prior to the cessation of waste disposal activities, required pursuant to the provisions of the facility license and Article X. Prior to re-imposing closure fee requirements, the State shall provide reasonable notice to the Company of such determination and shall afford the Company an opportunity to be heard. Upon failure of the Company and the State to agree on an increased amount, the issue shall be submitted to arbitration under Article XXIII. The State warrants that it will invest monies collected for closure in the same manner as other state monies and in accordance with state law. Any required closure fee shall be paid to the State on a quarterly basis for the quarters ending January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15, provided, however, that the Company shall have up to forty-five (45) days from the end of each quarter to secure collection of the fees from its customers and subsequently make payment to the State. In the event that the Company performs approved closure activities at the facility, the State warrants that the Company shall be reimbursed for its costs plus a reasonable profit as shall be agreed to by the parties from those monies collected for closure. The State, subsequent to satisfactory performance of closure by the Company or any other entity acceptable to the parties (provided that the Company shall not unreasonably withhold its approval of a duly qualified entity) shall transfer any unexpended monies from the closure account to the perpetual maintenance account. All payments to the State shall be made in lawful money of the United States at the Department of Ecology, Olympia, Washington, or as otherwise designated in writing by the State, without notice or demand by the State. The State shall maintain a segregated account of closure fee payments which are deposited in the Perpetual Maintenance Fund. The Company shall identify payments made for closure separately from payments made for Perpetual Care and Maintenance.
Closure Fund. The Closure Fund shall be transferred to Trustee Co. to be invested, managed and administered by Trustee Co. in accordance with the objects and requirements of Trustee Co. and the Trust Deed Agreement.

Related to Closure Fund

  • Custody of Partnership Funds; Bank Accounts (a) All funds of the Partnership not otherwise invested shall be deposited in one or more accounts maintained in such banking or brokerage institutions as the General Partner shall determine, and withdrawals shall be made only on such signature or signatures as the General Partner may, from time to time, determine.

  • HUMANITY FUND 31.01 Effective January 1, 1994 the Employer agrees to deduct on a weekly basis the amount of one cent ($0.01) per hour from the wages of all employees in the bargaining unit for hours worked and, prior to the 15th day of the month following, to pay the amount so deducted to the “HUMANITY FUND” and to forward such payment to the United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union, National Office, 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, X0X 0X0, and to advise in writing both the “HUMANITY FUND” at the aforementioned address and the local union that such payment has been made, the amount of such payment and the names, and the amounts paid by each employee in the bargaining unit on whose behalf such payment has been made.

  • Investment Management If and to the extent requested by the Advisor, the Sub-Advisor shall, subject to the supervision of the Advisor, manage all or a portion of the investments of the Portfolio in accordance with the investment objective, policies and limitations provided in the Portfolio's Prospectus or other governing instruments, as amended from time to time, the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the "1940 Act") and rules thereunder, as amended from time to time, and such other limitations as the Trust or Advisor may impose with respect to the Portfolio by notice to the Sub-Advisor. With respect to the portion of the investments of the Portfolio under its management, the Sub-Advisor is authorized to make investment decisions on behalf of the Portfolio with regard to any stock, bond, other security or investment instrument, and to place orders for the purchase and sale of such securities through such broker-dealers as the Sub-Advisor may select. The Sub-Advisor may also be authorized, but only to the extent such duties are delegated in writing by the Advisor, to provide additional investment management services to the Portfolio, including but not limited to services such as managing foreign currency investments, purchasing and selling or writing futures and options contracts, borrowing money or lending securities on behalf of the Portfolio. All investment management and any other activities of the Sub-Advisor shall at all times be subject to the control and direction of the Advisor and the Trust's Board of Trustees.

  • Investment Management Trust Agreement The Company has entered into the Trust Agreement with respect to certain proceeds of the Offering and the Private Placement substantially in the form filed as an exhibit to the Registration Statement.

  • FEMA Fund Certifications Submission of this proposal is Vendor’s certification that Vendor agrees to this term. Vendor certifies that IF and when Vendor accepts a TIPS purchase paid for in full or part with FEMA funds, Vendor certifies that: (1) Vendor agrees to provide the TIPS Member, the FEMA Administrator, the Comptroller General of the United States, or any of their authorized representatives access to and rights to reproduce any books, documents, papers, and records of the Contractor which are directly pertinent to this contract for the purposes of making audits, examinations, excerpts, and transcriptions. The Vendor agrees to provide the FEMA Administrator or an authorized representatives access to construction or other work sites pertaining to the work being completed under the contract. Vendor acknowledges and agrees that no language in this contract or the contract with the TIPS Member is intended to prohibit audits or internal reviews by the FEMA Administrator or the Comptroller General of the United States. (2) The Vendor shall not use the Department of Homeland Security’s seal(s), logos, crests, or reproductions of flags or likenesses of DHS agency officials without specific FEMA pre-approval. (3) The Vendor will comply with all applicable Federal law, regulations, executive orders, FEMA policies, procedures, and directives. (4) The Federal Government is not a party to this contract and is not subject to any obligations or liabilities to the non-Federal entity, contractor, or any other party pertaining to any matter resulting from the contract. (5) The Vendor acknowledges that 31 U.S.C. Chap. 38 (Administrative Remedies for False Claims and Statements) applies to the Vendor’s actions pertaining to this contract.

  • Closure Area Calculation Sheet – A computer generated print-out of the area and the perimeter bearings, distances, curve data, and coordinates of an individual parcel of land to be acquired.

  • Disbursements from the Escrow Account a. The Escrow Agent will continue to hold such funds until Cornell Capital Partners, LP on behalf of the Investor(s) and Company execute a Joint Written Direction directing the Escrow Agent to disburse the Escrow Funds pursuant to Joint Written Direction signed by the Company and the Investor(s). In disbursing such funds, Escrow Agent is authorized to rely upon such Joint Written Direction from the Company and the Investor(s) and may accept any signatory from the Company listed on the signature page to this Agreement and any signature from the Investor(s) that the Escrow Agent already has on file.

  • Ownership Removal Surrender and Restoration 8.4.1 Subject to Lessor’s right to require removal or elect ownership as hereinafter provided, all Alterations and Utility Installations made by Lessee shall be the property of Lessee, but considered a part of the Premises. Lessor may, at any time, elect in writing to be the owner of all or any specified part of the Lessee Owned Alterations and Utility Installations. Unless otherwise instructed per Section 8.4.2 hereof, all Lessee Owned Alterations and Utility Installations shall, at the expiration or termination of this Lease, become the property of Lessor and be surrendered by Lessee with the Premises.

  • Pre-Funding Account On the Closing Date, the Depositor shall deposit in the Pre-Funding Account $0.00 (the “Pre-Funding Account Initial Deposit”) from the net proceeds of the sale of the Notes. On each Subsequent Transfer Date, if any, upon satisfaction of the conditions set forth in Section 2.03(b) with respect to such transfer, the Servicer shall instruct the Indenture Trustee to withdraw from the Pre-Funding Account (i) an amount equal to [RESERVED]% of the result of the aggregate Starting Principal Balance of the Subsequent Receivables transferred to the Trust on such Subsequent Transfer Date less the Yield Supplement Overcollateralization Amount with respect to such Subsequent Receivables as of the related Cutoff Date and (ii), on behalf of the Depositor, deposit into the Reserve Account a portion of such funds equal to the Reserve Account Subsequent Transfer Deposit with respect to such Subsequent Transfer Date and distribute the remainder to or upon the order of the Depositor as payment for such Subsequent Receivables. If the Pre-Funded Amount has not been reduced to zero on the Payment Date immediately following the calendar month in which the Funding Period, if any, ends, the Servicer shall instruct the Indenture Trustee to transfer from the Pre-Funding Account on such Payment Date any amount then remaining in the Pre-Funding Account to the Note Distribution Account for distribution in accordance with Section 8.02(g) of the Indenture.

  • Operating Account To the extent funds are not required to be placed in a lockbox pursuant to any Loan Documents, Property Manager shall deposit all rents and other funds collected from the operation of the Property in a reputable bank or financial institution in a special trust or depository account or accounts for the Property maintained by Property Manager for the benefit of the Company (such accounts, together with any interest earned thereon, shall collectively be referred to herein as the “Operating Account”). Property Manager shall maintain books and records of the funds deposited in and withdrawals from the Operating Account. With funds from Company, Property Manager shall maintain the Operating Account so that an amount at least as great as the budgeted expenses for such month is in the Operating Account as of the first of each month. From the Operating Account, Property Manager shall pay the operating expenses of the Property and any other payments relative to the Property as required by this Agreement. If more than one account is necessary to operate the Property, each account shall have a unique name, except to the extent any Lender requires sub-accounts within any account. Within three (3) months after receipt by Property Manager, all rents and other funds collected in the Operating Account, after payment of all operating expenses, debt service and such amounts as may be determined by the Property Manager to be retained for reserves or improvements, shall be paid to the Company.