Clinician Sample Clauses

Clinician. SIGNED: DATE: MMEA Vice-President / Chairperson SIGNED: DATE: Executive Director, MMEA
Clinician. (a) Undertake nursing assessments and independently institute a nursing-care plan for clients and staff. This includes supervising other nursing staff involved (if any), co-ordinating various treatment components and liaising with other professional staff.
Clinician. Responsibilities include conducting assessments; individual, family, and group counseling sessions; utilizing the DSM 5; maintaining required documentation for each student; abiding by confidentiality procedures; preparing youth for transition back to the community and post-graduation; linking youth to community resources and vocational needs; providing staff, parents, and youth with information on chemical dependency; making referrals; providing follow-up care; serving as preceptor for BSW Interns; and communicating with the SMARRT Counselors, Probation staff, teachers, administrators and community partners. 20,151 0 80,604 0 0 100,755 Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC): Responsibilities include assisting day-to-day site coordination and planning of drug/alcohol related interventions, transition services; provide individual, group, and family substance abuse counseling; leading activities for parents and probation youth; communicating with the SMARRT Team, Probation staff, teachers, administrators and community partners. 58,276 58,276 Total Personal/Salaries 33,007 51,455 122,452 73,337 80,157 360,408 Personnel Benefits Public Employees Retirement System, Medicare Contribution, Public Agencies Retirement System, Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, State Unemployment Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Public Employees Retirement Reduction, Life Insurance and Long term Disability Insurance. 11,568 17,995 43,702 25,707 29,563 128,535 Total Personal & Benefits 44,575 69,450 166,154 99,044 109,720 488,943 OTHER BUDGET ITEMS General Supplies 862 900 861 900 900 4,423 Mileage 300 300 300 300 300 1,500 Cell Phone service 250 500 250 500 500 2,000 Total Operating Expenses 1,412 1,700 1,411 1,700 1,700 7,923 SUBTOTAL 45,987 71,150 167,565 100,744 111,420 496,866 Indirect Charges (9.4%) based on S&EB 4,190 6,528 15,618 9,310 10,314 45,960
Clinician. Counselor II shall provide one hundred (100) DSH per month or one thousand 2 two hundred (1,200) DSH annually during the term of the Agreement.
Clinician. The clinical advantages of the MRgFUS treatment are primarily of a technical nature.The ultrasound is totally integrated with an MR imaging system, which enables the physician an accurate volumetric therapy planning and continuous treatment monitoring during energy inflow. The non-invasive ultrasound energy passes through the skin to a focal point, without damaging overlying tissues. The single point can range from 2x2x4 mm3 to 8x8x28 mm3. Multiple points can be combined to treat a volume of any arbitrary shape. With MRgFUS there is no limit of treatments.Post-Treatment MR contrast images confirm non-perfused regions. Thus treatment success can be verified and documented immediately after the performance of the treatment.Medical advantages could be seen in the avoidance of contamination and infections, and the minimization of adverse events.There is insufficient evidence to recommend the routine use of MRgFUS with fibroid parts enmeshed in the serosa or endometrium.
Clinician. – An allopathic (MD) or osteopathic (DO) physician, physician assistant (PA), advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), or podiatrist (DPM).
Clinician. SIGNED: DATE: MMEA Vice-President / Chairperson SIGNED: DATE: Executive Director, MMEA Submit contract electronically through the MMEA Website