Clause 8.2 Sample Clauses

Clause 8.2. Clause 8.2 of the Agreement is hereby amended by adding the following sentence immediately after the end of Clause 8.2: “University represents and warrants that (a) it solely owns the patent applications set forth in Schedule 2 and has obtained all rights from the inventors of the inventions claimed in such patent applications, (b) it has the right to grant the licence to the Licensee as granted under the Agreement, and (c) it has not granted any rights under the patent applications set forth in Schedule 2 to a third party except rights in the prenatal field and an internal research licence (with no commercialization rights) to [***], as identified in Clause 2.4.3”.
Clause 8.2 applies and the Commonwealth undertakes an Ad Hoc Review, Commonwealth may suspend payments until the earliest of:
Clause 8.2 shall not operate so as to restrict or prevent: