CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEE DISCIPLINE /DUE PROCESS new 2004-2005) The following procedures are written to provide a supportive system to assist the District and the classified employee to work toward resolution of disciplinary issues. This process recognizes the collective responsibility of the Association and the Administration to address discipline in a fair and consistent manner that will result in prompt, reasonable, resolution of matters related to discipline. After initiating Article 11 (Classified Employee Discipline/Due Process), the process/procedures of Article 8 (Issue Resolution) may not be substituted for Article 11. (Added July 2011) Disciplinary action may range from informal discussions with the employee up to and including a recommendation for dismissal, depending on the seriousness of the situation. Any action taken by the District in an individual case should not be assumed to establish a precedent in other circumstances. Disciplinary action will not be used in lieu of an evaluation and a Professional Enhancement Plan or Remediation Plan. In addition, an employee on a Remediation Plan is not exempt from further disciplinary action. All employees have the right to due process. Either the employee or the District may end the employment relationship at any time, subject to the terms of this article. 11-1 Elements of Progressive DisciplineWhen a supervisor recommends a disciplinary action based on the employee’s quality of work or conduct, the supervisor must follow the procedures of progressive discipline with respect and fairness. The supervisor or administrator may enter the progressive discipline process at any level based upon the appropriateness of the situation. The elements of progressive discipline are as follows. 11-1-1 Oral WarningAn employee who has committed an infraction is verbally warned about the inappropriate behavior or action, is informed of future expectations, and is advised of possible future disciplinary action. 11-1-2 Written WarningThe written warning will identify the specific behavior or action requiring attention of the supervisor and will advise the employee of expected behavior and possible future disciplinary action should the behavior not change. 11-1-3 Administrative LeaveThe employee may be placed on administrative leave with pay. A written notice from the Office of Human Resources will be provided outlining the issue(s) resulting in the administrative leave. The written notice will outline the duration of the time away from work and expectations for a retu...
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