Classification Outside the Bargaining Unit Sample Clauses

Classification Outside the Bargaining Unit. Where the Home temporarily assigns an employee to carry out the assigned responsibilities of a classification outside the bargaining unit for a period in excess of ½ of 1 shift, the employee shall receive an allowance of $4.00 for each shift from the time of the assignment. On those days when an R.N. is not available a 40¢ allowance will be paid between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m.The Grove Nursing Home & CUPE Local 2704 SCHEDULE ‘A’October 9, 2010 – October 8, 2015 Position The Grove (Arnprior & District Nursing Home) and CUPE Local 2704 31LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING‌ between THE GROVE (ARNPRIOR & DISTRICT NURSING HOME) and CANADIAN UNION OF PUBLIC EMPLOYEES and its LOCAL 2704 RE: RPN (RAI) The parties agree to the following in compliance with the minutes of settlement entered into by the parties on or about September 19, 2012: