City Deed of Trust Sample Clauses

City Deed of Trust. The term “City Deed of Trust” means a deed of trust that secures Homeowner’s compliance with the terms and conditions of the Affordable Housing Covenant, in the form attached hereto as Exhibit D.
City Deed of Trust. That certain Amended and Restated City Deed of Trust and that certain Second Amended and Restated City Deed of Trust, each dated [ , 2016] [CHECK] executed by Borrower for the benefit of the City, encumbering the Project and securing repayment of amounts owing under the City Note, the lien of which is to be subject and subordinate to the lien of the Deed of Trust.

Related to City Deed of Trust

  • Deed of Trust If the related Mortgage is a deed of trust, a trustee, duly qualified under applicable law to serve as such, is properly designated and serving under such Mortgage.

  • Trustee under Deed of Trust With respect to each Mortgage which is a deed of trust, a trustee, duly qualified under applicable law to serve as such, currently so serves and is named in the deed of trust or has been substituted in accordance with the Mortgage and applicable law or may be substituted in accordance with the Mortgage and applicable law by the related mortgagee, and, except in connection with a trustee’s sale after a default by the related Mortgagor or in connection with any full or partial release of the related Mortgaged Property or related security for such Mortgage Loan, no fees are payable to such trustee except for de minimis fees paid.

  • Agreement and Declaration of Trust and Principal Office 1.1 Principal Office of the Trust. A principal office of the Trust shall be located in New York, New York. The Trust may have other principal offices within or without Massachusetts as the Trustees may determine or as they may authorize.

  • Agreement and Declaration of Trust These By-Laws shall be subject to the Agreement and Declaration of Trust, as from time to time in effect (the "Declaration of Trust"), of the above-captioned Massachusetts business trust established by the Declaration of Trust (the "Trust").

  • Amended and Restated Agreement and Declaration of Trust A copy of the Amended and Restated Agreement and Declaration of Trust for the Trust is on file with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Amended and Restated Agreement and Declaration of Trust has been executed on behalf of the Trust by Trustees of the Trust in their capacity as Trustees of the Trust and not individually. The obligations of this Agreement shall be binding upon the assets and property of the Trust and shall not be binding upon any Trustee, officer, or shareholder of the Trust individually.

  • Declaration of Trust The Owner Trustee hereby declares that it will hold the Owner Trust Estate in trust upon and subject to the conditions set forth herein for the use and benefit of the Certificateholders, subject to the obligations of the Trust under the Basic Documents. It is the intention of the parties hereto that the Trust constitute a statutory trust under the Statutory Trust Act and that this Agreement constitute the governing instrument of such statutory trust. The Trust is not intended to be a business trust within the meaning of Section 101(9)(A)(v) of the Bankruptcy Code. It is also the intention of the parties hereto that, solely for Federal, state and local income and franchise tax purposes, on and after the Closing Date, (a) so long as the Trust has only one Certificateholder, the Trust shall be disregarded as a separate entity and (b) at such time as the Trust has more than one Certificateholder, the Trust will be treated as a partnership, with the assets of the partnership being the Receivables and other assets held by the Trust, the partners of the partnership being the Certificateholders, and the Notes being non-recourse debt of the partnership. The Depositor (and any future Certificateholder by the purchase of the Trust Certificate will be deemed to have agreed) and the Owner Trustee agree to take no action inconsistent with such tax treatment. The Trust shall not elect to be treated as an association under Treasury Regulations Section 301.7701-3(a). The parties agree that, unless otherwise required by appropriate tax authorities, the sole Certificateholder or the Trust, as applicable, will file or cause to be filed annual or other necessary returns, reports and other forms consistent with the foregoing characterization of the Trust for such tax purposes. Effective as of the date hereof, the Owner Trustee, shall have all rights, powers and duties set forth herein and, to the extent not inconsistent herewith, in the Statutory Trust Act with respect to accomplishing the purposes of the Trust. Any action taken on behalf of the Trust prior to the date hereof with respect to the filing of financing statements, the Certificate of Trust, a qualification to do business in the State of Alabama or any other similar qualification or license in any other state or jurisdiction, if applicable, is hereby ratified.

  • Mortgages; Deeds of Trust The Company has provided to the Sales Agent true and complete copies of all credit agreements, mortgages, deeds of trust, guaranties, side letters, and other material documents evidencing, securing or otherwise relating to any secured or unsecured indebtedness of the Company or any of its subsidiaries, and none of the Company and its subsidiaries that is party to any such document is in default thereunder, nor has an event occurred which with the passage of time or the giving of notice, or both, would become a default by any of them under any such document.

  • Release of Trust Estate (a) Subject to the payment of its fees and expenses pursuant to Section 6.07, the Indenture Trustee may, and when required by the provisions of this Indenture shall, execute instruments to release property from the lien of this Indenture, or convey the Indenture Trustee's interest in the same, in a manner and under circumstances that are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Indenture. No party relying upon an instrument executed by the Indenture Trustee as provided in this Article VIII shall be bound to ascertain the Indenture Trustee's authority, inquire into the satisfaction of any conditions precedent or see to the application of any moneys.

  • Security Instrument Borrower will execute the Security Instrument dated of even date with this Loan Agreement. The Security Instrument will be recorded in the applicable land records in the Property Jurisdiction.

  • Amendments of Sale and Servicing Agreement and Trust Agreement The Issuer shall not agree to any amendment to Section 10.01 of the Sale and Servicing Agreement or Section 11.01 of the Trust Agreement to eliminate the requirements thereunder that the Trustee or the Holders of the Notes consent to amendments thereto as provided therein.