Christopher Sample Clauses

Christopher. Banks, as used in this Release, shall mean Christopher & Banks Corporation and its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliated or related entities, insurers, and its and their present and former officers, directors, shareholders, trustees, employees, agents, attorneys, representatives and consultants, and the successors and assigns of each, whether in their individual or official capacities, and the current and former trustees or administrators of any pension or other benefit plan applicable to the employees or former employees of Christopher & Banks, in their official and individual capacities.
Christopher. For a period of three (3) years from the date hereof, but subject in each case to applicable securities laws and the regulations promulgated thereunder, Christopher covenants and agrees that Christopher shall not make or cause to be made any public statements, observations, opinions or communicate any information (whether oral or written) that disparages or is likely in any way to harm the reputation of Kalitta or any of his affiliates (each, a "KALITTA HARMED PARTY"). A breach or violation of the covenants contained in this Section will damage the Kalitta Harmed Party irreparably. For any violation of the covenants contained in this Section, Christopher shall be subject to injunctive and other equitable relief and damages. In addition, Christopher agrees that should it become necessary for a Kalitta Harmed Party to enforce any of the covenants contained in this Section through legal proceedings, Christopher shall reimburse such the Kalitta Harmed Party for any reasonable legal fees, court costs and expenses incurred by such Kalitta Harmed Party in enforcing such covenants.
Christopher. Homes shall use its best efforts to attain the targeted sales objectives as set forth in the approved plan and budget.
Christopher. RONALD H.
Christopher. ZIP code: 98404)We don't need more factories killing poor people from toxic fumes and chemical pollution. We should buy that land for public use and restore it until it becomes a future forest for kids and all to relax and play.
Christopher. I., Teacher, Kanagarayankulam, Mankulam
Christopher. Spinoza and the Origins of Modern Critical Theory. Oxford: Blackwell, 1991. Norris, Pippa. A Virtuous Circle: Political Communications in Postindustrial Societies. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2000. Nussbaum, Martha C. “Beyond the Social Contract: Capabilities and Global Justice,” Oxford Development Studies, Vol. 32, No. 1, 2004, p.23.