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Check, Sr. Its Vice President --------------------------------- LASALLE BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION (formerly known as LaSalle National Bank) BY /s/ Daniel G. Langhoff ------------------------------------- Its Vice President --------------------------------- M&I MARSHALL & ILSLEY BANK BY /x/ Xxxes Xxxx ------------------------------------- Its Vice President --------------------------------- BY /s/ Philip D. Koepke, Sr. ------------------------------------- Its Vice President --------------------------------- EXHIBIT A-2 FORM OF PROMISSORY NOTE $15,000,000 June 27, 2003 FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned, BANDO MCGLOCKLIN SMALL BUSINESS LENDING CORPORATION, a Wisconsin corporatiox (xxx "Xxmpany"), hereby promises to pay to the order of M&I MARSHALL & ILSLEY BANK (the "Lender") the principal sum of Fifteen Mixxxxx Xxllaxx ($05,000,000) or, if less, the aggregate unpaid principal amount of all Revolving Loans made by the Lender to the Company pursuant to the Amended and Restated Credit Agreement, dated as of April 30, 1999 (such Credit Agreement, as it may be amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, being hereinafter called the "Credit Agreement"), among the Company, the Lender, the other financial institutions parties thereto and U.S. Bank National Association (formerly known as Firstar Bank, N.A., as successor by merger to Firstar Bank Milwaukee, N.A.), as agent for the Lenders, on the dates and in the amounts provided in the Credit Agreement. The Company further promises to pay interest on the unpaid principal amount of the Revolving Loans evidenced hereby from time to time at the rates, on the dates, and otherwise as provided in the Credit Agreement. The Lender is authorized to endorse the amount and the date on which each Revolving Loan is made, the maturity date therefor and each payment of principal with respect thereto on the schedules annexed hereto and made a part hereof, or on continuations thereof which shall be attached hereto and made a part hereof; provided, that any failure to endorse such information on such schedule or continuation thereof shall not in any manner affect any obligation of the Company under the Credit Agreement and this Promissory Note (the "Note"). This Note is one of the Notes referred to in, and is entitled to the benefits of, the Credit Agreement, which Credit Agreement, among other things, contains provisions for acceleration of the maturity hereof upon the happening of certain stated events and also ...

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  • Check one o (1) This Note is being transferred to a “qualified institutional buyer” in compliance with Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended and certification in the form of Exhibit F to the Indenture is being furnished herewith.

  • CHECK-OFF 11.01 Subject to the provisions of this Article, the Employer will, as a condition of employment, deduct an amount equal to the monthly membership dues from the monthly pay of all employees. Where an employee does not have sufficient earnings in respect of any month to permit deductions made under this Article, the Employer shall not be obligated to make such deduction from subsequent salary.

  • Check Meters Developer, at its option and expense, may install and operate, on its premises and on its side of the Point of Interconnection, one or more check meters to check Connecting Transmission Owner’s meters. Such check meters shall be for check purposes only and shall not be used for the measurement of power flows for purposes of this Agreement, except as provided in Article 7.4 below. The check meters shall be subject at all reasonable times to inspection and examination by Connecting Transmission Owner or its designee. The installation, operation and maintenance thereof shall be performed entirely by Developer in accordance with Good Utility Practice.

  • Checkoff The Employer agrees to deduct from the pay of each Registered Nurse covered by this Agreement who voluntarily executes a wage assignment authorization form the membership dues required to maintain good standing as defined by the Union. The Union shall advise the Employer in writing of any adjustments made to membership dues thirty days in advance of the effective date of such adjustment. Deductions for monthly dues shall be made from the first paycheck of each calendar month. All sums deducted for monthly dues shall be remitted to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Union during the week following the payday in which such deductions are made, together with a list showing names of employees and the amount of deductions made. A list of pay dates will be furnished to the Union. It is understood and agreed that deductions of Union membership dues shall be made only on the basis of written authorization from the affected employees. The Union will furnish the Employer with authorization slips. An employee may withdraw from dues checkoff upon written notice to the Employer and the Union. The Union will notify the Employer by mail of any changes to the roster. The Union and its members agree to hold harmless the Employer and its employees or representatives for any good faith action or inaction on the part of the Employer that results in noncompliance with this section by either party.

  • CHECK-OFF OF UNION DUES (a) The Employer shall, as a condition of employment, deduct from the wages or salary of each employee in the bargaining unit, whether or not the employee is a member of the Union, the amount of the regular dues payable to the Union by a member of the Union.

  • Check-Off Payments The Employer shall deduct from every employee any dues, initiation fees, or assessments levied by the Union on its members.

  • Check if Required  If checked, the Supplemental State Terms and attached hereto as Exhibit “G” are hereby incorporated by reference into this DPA in their entirety.  If Checked, the Provider, has signed Exhibit “E” to the Standard Clauses, otherwise known as General Offer of Privacy Terms

  • Check C. The employee will have the option to repay the overpayment over a period of time equal to the number of pay periods during which the overpayment was made. The employee and the College may agree to make other repayment arrangements. The payroll deduction to repay the overpayment will not exceed five percent (5.0%) of the employee’s disposable earnings in a pay period. However, the College and employee can agree to an amount that is more than the five percent (5.0%).

  • UNION DUES CHECK-OFF On a weekly basis the Employer agrees to deduct uniform dues and initiation fees from the paycheck of those covered employees whose individual written unrevoked authorizations are on file with the Employer and to transmit the amounts so deducted to the Union monthly. Said deduction authorizations shall be in such form as to conform with Section 302(c) of the Labor Management Relations Act of 1947.

  • Shift Rotation Routine shift rotation is not an approach to staffing endorsed by the Employer. Except for emergency situations where it may be necessary to provide safe patient care, shift rotation will not be utilized without mutual consent. If such an occasion should ever occur, volunteers will be sought first. If no one volunteers, the Employer will rotate shifts on an inverse seniority basis until the staff vacancies are filled.