Check Off/Fair-Share Deductions Sample Clauses

Check Off/Fair-Share Deductions. The Employer agrees via the County to deduct each payday, Union dues and Union sponsored benefit program contributions contingent upon deduction space available from the pay of those employees who are Union members covered by this Agreement and who individually, on a form provided by the Union, request in writing that such deductions be made. The Union shall certify the current amount of Union deductions. A Union member desiring to revoke his/her Union membership may do so by written notice to the Employer and the Union during the thirty-day (30- day) period prior to the expiration date of this contract. Thereafter, such employee shall pay his/her fair share in accordance with Section 3.02 of this Article. The proportionate fair-share payment, as certified to be current by the Union (not to exceed the amount of Union dues) pursuant to the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act, shall be deducted by the Employer from the earnings of the non-member employee covered by this Agreement each payday. The amount of the above employee deductions shall be certified to the Employer by AFSCME Council 31, and the aggregate deduction of all employees shall be remitted to AFSCME Council 31 with an itemized statement listing each bargaining-unit employee, social security number and the individual employee deductions by the 15th day of the month succeeding the payroll date. The Local 799 Treasurer shall also be provided a copy of the itemized statement.