Charleston Sample Clauses

Charleston. Company Residence (State) Vendor's principal place of business is in the state of? West Virginia 3 Discount Offered - CAUTION READ CAREFULLY BECAUSE VENDORS FREQUENTLY MAKE MISTAKES 5 ON THIS ATTRIBUTE QUESTION Remember this is a MINIMUM discount percentage. So, be sure that the discount percentage inserted here can be applied to ANY OFFERING OF GOODS OR SERVICES THROUGHOUT THE LIFE OF THE CONTRACT. CAUTION: BE CERTAIN YOU CAN HONOR THIS MINIMUM DISCOUNT PERCENTAGE ON ANY OFFERED SERVICE OR GOOD NOW OR DURING THE LIFE OF THE CONTRACT. What is the MINIMUM percentage discount off of any item or service you offer to TIPS Members that is in your regular catalog (as defined in the solicitation specifications document), website, store or shelf pricing or when adding new goods or services to your offerings during the life of the contract? The resulting price of any goods or services Catalog list prices after this discount is applied is a ceiling on your pricing and not a floor because, in order to be more competitive in the individual circumstance, you may offer a larger discount depending on the items or services purchased and the quantity at time of sale. Please note that any specific greater discount offered for a particular product, brand, or service listed in Vendor's proposal will control and Vendor will be required to honor that greater specific discount, in excess of the minimum discount, for that particular product, brand, or service for the life of the contract. Must answer with a number between 0% and 100%.
Charleston. South Carolina) Courier, 12 December 1825.
Charleston. On the evening of Wednesday, June 17, 2015, 21-year-old Dylann Roof entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (“AME”) Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, the oldest AME Church in the South.31 Roof was welcomed in by the pastor, Clementa C. Pinckney, and joined the other congregants in a Bible study for approximately an hour before standing up, drawing his gun, and opening fire.32 Roof uttered racial epithets as he shot the victims, killing nine people and leaving another wounded before fleeing the scene.33 He was apprehended the next morning.34 Roof’s actions, by his own admission, were racially motivated.35 Following
Charleston. MSA WEST VIRGINIA 1 HUNTINGTON MSA ----------------- -------------- --------------- -------------- Huntingdon Kanawha Calhoun Boyd Mifflin Patman Jackson Carter Mason Greenup Roane Lawrence Cabell Wayne WEST VIRGINIA 2 WHEELING MSA --------------- ------------ Doddridge Belmont Gilmer Marshall Lewis Ohio Ritchie Tyler Wetzel EXHIBIT "F" to the Master MASTER LEASE PRICING MATRIX A. Antennas -------- [*] (Tower mounted with one (1) associated coaxial cable per antenna). [*] (To be mounted 50'or lower on tower or along ice bridge.) Plastic satellite receive dish (4' diameter or less). Mounted @ 50'or lower: [*] Mounted @ 50'or above: Rate schedule below applies. May be permanently mounted on CROWN's equipment shelter roof at no charge.
Charleston. Airport, SC Hampton Inn -- License Agreement dated June 24, 1997; Letter Agreement dated June 23, 1997; Comfort Letter dated June 24, 1997; Consent Letter dated September 16, 1999 and Guaranty.
Charleston. Mt. Pleasant, SC Holiday Inn -- Change of Ownership Agreement dated July 15, 1998; Master Technology Agreement dated July 15, 1998.
Charleston. Agreement with Charleston County Aviation Authority covers all airport related services. Agreement with Hawthorne Aviation Services covers ground handling. Agreement with Richland-Lexington Airport District. Covers all airport related charges. Separate agreement covers use of cargo facility used for parts storage and ground equipment maintenance. GREENVILLE-SPARTANBURG Airport Use Agreement with the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Commission. Covers all airport related services. Aircraft Ground Handling Agreement Intex Aviation Services, Inc. JACKSONVILLE Agreement with Jacksonville Port authority. Covers all airport related charges.