Changes to Adjusted Eurodollar Rate Sample Clauses

Changes to Adjusted Eurodollar Rate. If the Administrative Agent reasonably determines that adequate and reasonable means do not exist for determining the interest rate applicable to Eurodollar Loans (including because Eurodollar Base Rate is not published on a current basis or is otherwise not available), and that such circumstances are unlikely to be temporary, or if the supervisor for the administrator of the Eurodollar Base Rate (or a Governmental Authority having jurisdiction over the Administrative Agent) has made a public statement identifying a specific date after which the Eurodollar Base Rate shall no longer be used for determining interest rates for loans, then the Administrative Agent and the Borrower Representative shall (x) agree on an alternate method to ascertain the interest rate applicable to Eurodollar Loans which gives due consideration to the then prevailing market convention for determining a rate of interest for syndicated loans in the United States at such time, and (y) enter into an amendment to the applicable Credit Documents that reflects such alternate rate of interest and any other related changes as may be applicable, which amendment shall become effective solely upon execution by the Borrowers and the Administrative Agent, unless the Required Lenders shall object in writing to such amendment on or prior to the fifth Business Day following delivery of notice of such amendment by the Administrative Agent to the Lenders.
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