Challenge to Validity of Agreement/Indemnification Sample Clauses

Challenge to Validity of Agreement/Indemnification. After the revocation period of seven (7) days described in paragraph 12 has expired, this Agreement and the Release contained therein shall be forever binding. You acknowledge that you may hereafter discover facts not now known to you relating to your hire, employment or cessation of employment, and agree that this Agreement and the Release shall remain in effect notwithstanding any such discovery of any such facts. You shall not bring a proceeding to challenge the validity of this Agreement and Release. Should you do so notwithstanding this paragraph 16, you will be required to pay back the Company all remuneration and benefits received pursuant to this Agreement.Your signature below reflects your understanding of, and agreement to, the terms and conditions set forth above.Very truly yours, ORGANOGENESIS INC. By: /s/ Albert Erani Chairman of the Board, Organogenesis Inc. Confirmed and Agreed: /s/ Geoff MacKay Geoff MacKay Dated: March 3, 2015