CETIS Server Sample Clauses

CETIS Server automatically and anonymously communicates with Cetis Inc. when you install or uninstall it, and when you use it to download files from the Internet. During these automatic communications, Cetis Inc. does not send or receive any personally identifiable information about you without your consent. These anonymous communications allow Cetis Inc. to count the number of its CETIS Server users, to provide advertising services, and otherwise to provide a useful product and service and to plan for future enhancements and services. When you download files using CETIS Server, it sends the name and URL of the file you are downloading along with relevant product and Internet communication information to Cetis Inc. This information sent so Cetis Inc. can display appropriate advertising, and for aggregate, anonymous statistical analysis.Cetis Inc. does not associate file downloads with individuals without express consent. Because Cetis Inc. works through the use of a browser window, Cetis Inc. may set a cookie if you have chosen to enable cookies in your browser. In the event the Software contains a trial or free version of CETIS Server, the advertisements may only be removed through purchase of the full CETIS Server version, which is available at http://www.cetis.ch.