CESSATION OF SUPPLY. The Company may terminate the SFW Agreement and these Terms as from the date on which RDRML cannot provide Water to the Company arising from the Resource Consents held by RDRML (RMA Consents) having expired without any renewal thereof. If the RMA Consents held by RDRML or the Company are not renewed or extended so that Water can continue to be delivered on the terms and conditions of the SFW Agreement and these Terms then the SFW Agreement may be terminated by the Company together with the Terms.
CESSATION OF SUPPLY. Our agreement to continue to deliver or sell goods to you is always conditional upon our being satisfied of your ability to pay and comply with these terms and conditions. If we cease to be so satisfied we may suspend and/or terminate deliveries and shall not be liable in any way for any claim, damage, expense or cost suffered by you.
CESSATION OF SUPPLY. Upon termination or expiration of the legal relationship deriving from this Commercial Offer and its Acceptance, Offerors shall immediately cease the supply of Products hereunder, except with respect to any unfilled, valid Production Schedule and any Products in process which AG Promover requests to be completed.