Certified Rent Roll Sample Clauses

Certified Rent Roll. A copy of the rent roll for the Property dated as of the Closing Date and certified by Seller to be (a) a true, correct and complete copy of the rent roll for the Property provided to Seller by the Manager; and (b) to Seller's Knowledge, to be true, correct and complete;
Certified Rent Roll. A certified rent roll executed by Contributor certified to be true and correct as of the Closing Date (the “Certified Rent Roll”);
Certified Rent Roll. Borrower shall deliver, or cause to be delivered to Lender a current rent roll of the Property, including the name of each tenant, lease commencement, lease expiration, amounts and time of rent payable, status of current tenancy, amounts and locations of all security deposits, amount of past due rent, if any, information concerning any option to renew, and any other information reasonably requested by Lender, certified by Borrower to Lender as being true, correct and complete in all material respects, to the best of Borrower’s knowledge.
Certified Rent Roll. Following completion of the ------------------- Improvements, Borrower shall have provided a certified rent roll to the Lender covering the Project.
Certified Rent Roll. A rent roll with respect to each of the Purchaser Properties (prepared by the Purchaser or the property manager of each of the Purchaser Properties) certified as to Knowledge of the Purchaser to be true and correct in all material respects by the chief executive officer or chief financial officer of the Purchaser including a description of all Purchaser Space Leases in effect as of the Closing Date, the rentals payable by each tenant thereunder (including, without limitations, reimbursements for common area expenses), the original and current balance of each security deposit delivered under each Purchaser Space Lease, and all delinquencies and defaults under each Purchaser Space Lease;
Certified Rent Roll. The certified Rent Roll.
Certified Rent Roll. An updated Rent Roll (defined in Section 8.2.5) effective as of a date no more than one (1) business day before the Closing Date and certified by Seller as to accuracy and completeness in all material respects.