Certification of Meeting or Exceeding Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy Minimum Standards Sample Clauses

Certification of Meeting or Exceeding Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy Minimum Standards. A. Grantee certifies that it has adopted and enforces a Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy that meets or exceeds all of the following minimum standards of:
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  • Minimum Site Requirements for TIPS Sales (when applicable to TIPS Sale). Cleanup: When performing work on site at a TIPS Member’s property, Vendor shall clean up and remove all debris and rubbish resulting from their work as required or directed by the TIPS Member or as agreed by the parties. Upon completion of work, the premises shall be left in good repair and an orderly, neat, clean and unobstructed condition. Preparation: Vendor shall not begin a project for which a TIPS Member has not prepared the site, unless Vendor does the preparation work at no cost, or until TIPS Member includes the cost of site preparation in the TIPS Sale Site preparation includes, but is not limited to: moving furniture, installing wiring for networks or power, and similar pre‐installation requirements. Registered Sex Offender Restrictions: For work to be performed at schools, Vendor agrees that no employee of Vendor or a subcontractor who has been adjudicated to be a registered sex offender will perform work at any time when students are, or reasonably expected to be, present unless otherwise agreed by the TIPS Member. Vendor agrees that a violation of this condition shall be considered a material breach and may result in the cancellation of the TIPS Sale at the TIPS Member’s discretion. Vendor must identify any additional costs associated with compliance of this term. If no costs are specified, compliance with this term will be provided at no additional charge. Safety Measures: Vendor shall take all reasonable precautions for the safety of employees on the worksite, and shall erect and properly maintain all necessary safeguards for protection of workers and the public. Vendor shall post warning signs against all hazards created by the operation and work in progress. Proper precautions shall be taken pursuant to state law and standard practices to protect workers, general public and existing structures from injury or damage. Smoking: Persons working under Agreement shall adhere to the TIPS Member’s or local smoking statutes, codes, ordinances, and policies.

  • Office of Inspector General Investigative Findings Expert Review In accordance with Senate Bill 799, Acts 2021, 87th Leg., R.S., if Texas Government Code, Section 531.102(m-1)(2) is applicable to this Contract, Contractor affirms that it possesses the necessary occupational licenses and experience.

  • Drug-Free Workplace Certification As required by Executive Order No. 90-5 dated April 12, 1990, issued by the Governor of Indiana, the Contractor hereby covenants and agrees to make a good faith effort to provide and maintain a drug-free workplace. The Contractor will give written notice to the State within ten (10) days after receiving actual notice that the Contractor, or an employee of the Contractor in the State of Indiana, has been convicted of a criminal drug violation occurring in the workplace. False certification or violation of this certification may result in sanctions including, but not limited to, suspension of contract payments, termination of this Contract and/or debarment of contracting opportunities with the State for up to three (3) years. In addition to the provisions of the above paragraph, if the total amount set forth in this Contract is in excess of $25,000.00, the Contractor certifies and agrees that it will provide a drug-free workplace by:

  • Provisions for Covered Entity to Inform Business Associate of Privacy Practices and Restrictions (a) Covered Entity shall notify Business Associate of any limitation(s) in the notice of privacy practices of Covered Entity under 45 CFR 164.520, to the extent that such limitation may affect Business Associate’s use or disclosure of protected health information.

  • GEOGRAPHIC AREA AND SECTOR SPECIFIC ALLOWANCES, CONDITIONS AND EXCEPTIONS The following allowances and conditions shall apply where relevant: Where the company does work which falls under the following headings, the company agrees to pay and observe the relevant respective conditions and/or exceptions set out below in each case.

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