Certification of Danger Premium Content Sample Clauses

Certification of Danger Premium Content. Upon submission to Danger of proposed Danger Premium Content by a third-party developer, or upon completion of Danger’s development of Danger Premium Content, Danger shall perform the testing and certification activities set forth in the “Danger Baseline Application Acceptance Criteriadocument (hereinafter, the “Content Certification Plan”), a copy of which has been supplied by Danger to T-Mobile, as such Content Certification Plan may upon mutual agreement be amended by Danger and T-Mobile from time to time. If Danger discovers any bugs or errors in the proposed Danger Premium Content submitted by a third-party developer, Danger will report such problems to the third-party developer and will work with the third-party developer to correct such errors. Content certified by Danger as being compliant with the Content Certification Plan will be deemed “Danger Certified Premium Content.” Danger shall prepare a certification report summarizing the results for each item of Danger Premium Content tested under the Content Certification Plan, in a format to be mutually agreed to by the parties. Upon T-Mobile’s written request, Danger will make available to T-Mobile the certification test report for any Danger Certified Premium Content.