Certificates of Euroclear, Clearstream, Luxembourg etc Sample Clauses

Certificates of Euroclear, Clearstream, Luxembourg etc. The Trustee may call for and, except in the case of manifest error, shall be at liberty to accept and place full reliance on as sufficient evidence thereof a letter of confirmation issued on behalf of Euroclear, Clearstream, Luxembourg or the registered holder of any relevant Global Certificate or any form of record made by any of them or such other evidence and/or information and/or certification as it shall, in its absolute discretion, think fit to the effect that at any particular time or throughout any particular period any particular person is, was, or will be, shown in its records as the holder of a particular nominal amount of Notes represented by a Global Note or Global Certificate and if it does so rely, such letter of confirmation, form of record, evidence, information or certification shall be conclusive and binding on all concerned.
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