Certificated Sample Clauses

Certificated or "certificated form" in relation to a share or other security is a reference to a share or other security, title to which is recorded in the relevant register of the share or other security as being held in certificated form;

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Certificated/Uncertificated ADSs Notwithstanding any other provision of the Deposit Agreement, the Depositary may, at any time and from time to time, issue ADSs that are not evidenced by ADRs (such ADSs, the “Uncertificated ADS(s)” and the ADS(s) evidenced by ADR(s), the “Certificated ADS(s)”). When issuing and maintaining Uncertificated ADS(s) under the Deposit Agreement, the Depositary shall at all times be subject to (i) the standards applicable to registrars and transfer agents maintaining direct registration systems for equity securities in New York and issuing uncertificated securities under New York law, and (ii) the terms of New York law applicable to uncertificated equity securities. Uncertificated ADSs shall not be represented by any instruments but shall be evidenced by registration in the books of the Depositary maintained for such purpose. Holders of Uncertificated ADSs, that are not subject to any registered pledges, liens, restrictions or adverse claims of which the Depositary has notice at such time, shall at all times have the right to exchange the Uncertificated ADS(s) for Certificated ADS(s) of the same type and class, subject in each case to (x) applicable laws and any rules and regulations the Depositary may have established in respect of the Uncertificated ADSs, and (y) the continued availability of Certificated ADSs in the U.S. Holders of Certificated ADSs shall, if the Depositary maintains a direct registration system for the ADSs, have the right to exchange the Certificated ADSs for Uncertificated ADSs upon (i) the due surrender of the Certificated ADS(s) to the Depositary for such purpose and (ii) the presentation of a written request to that effect to the Depositary, subject in each case to (a) all liens and restrictions noted on the ADR evidencing the Certificated ADS(s) and all adverse claims of which the Depositary then has notice, (b) the terms of the Deposit Agreement and the rules and regulations that the Depositary may establish for such purposes hereunder, (c) applicable law, and (d) payment of the Depositary fees and expenses applicable to such exchange of Certificated ADS(s) for Uncertificated ADS(s). Uncertificated ADSs shall in all material respects be identical to Certificated ADS(s) of the same type and class, except that (i) no ADR(s) shall be, or shall need to be, issued to evidence Uncertificated ADS(s), (ii) Uncertificated ADS(s) shall, subject to the terms of the Deposit Agreement, be transferable upon the same terms and conditions as uncertificated securities under New York law, (iii) the ownership of Uncertificated ADS(s) shall be recorded on the books of the Depositary maintained for such purpose and evidence of such ownership shall be reflected in periodic statements provided by the Depositary to the Holder(s) in accordance with applicable New York law, (iv) the Depositary may from time to time, upon notice to the Holders of Uncertificated ADSs affected thereby, establish rules and regulations, and amend or supplement existing rules and regulations, as may be deemed reasonably necessary to maintain Uncertificated ADS(s) on behalf of Holders, provided that (a) such rules and regulations do not conflict with the terms of the Deposit Agreement and applicable law, and (b) the terms of such rules and regulations are readily available to Holders upon request, (v) the Uncertificated ADS(s) shall not be entitled to any benefits under the Deposit Agreement or be valid or enforceable for any purpose against the Depositary or the Company unless such Uncertificated ADS(s) is/are registered on the books of the Depositary maintained for such purpose, (vi) the Depositary may, in connection with any deposit of Shares resulting in the issuance of Uncertificated ADSs and with any transfer, pledge, release and cancellation of Uncertificated ADSs, require the prior receipt of such documentation as the Depositary may deem reasonably appropriate, and (vii) upon termination of the Deposit Agreement, the Depositary shall not require Holders of Uncertificated ADSs to affirmatively instruct the Depositary before remitting proceeds from the sale of the Deposited Property represented by such Holders’ Uncertificated ADSs under the terms of Section 6.2. When issuing ADSs under the terms of the Deposit Agreement, including, without limitation, issuances pursuant to Sections 2.5, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 and 4.11, the Depositary may in its discretion determine to issue Uncertificated ADSs rather than Certificated ADSs, unless otherwise specifically instructed by the applicable Holder to issue Certificated ADSs. All provisions and conditions of the Deposit Agreement shall apply to Uncertificated ADSs to the same extent as to Certificated ADSs, except as contemplated by this Section 2.13. The Depositary is authorized and directed to take any and all actions and establish any and all procedures deemed reasonably necessary to give effect to the terms of this Section 2.13. Any references in the Deposit Agreement or any ADR(s) to the terms “American Depositary Share(s)” or “ADS(s)” shall, unless the context otherwise requires, include Certificated ADS(s) and Uncertificated ADS(s). Except as set forth in this Section 2.13 and except as required by applicable law, the Uncertificated ADSs shall be treated as ADSs issued and outstanding under the terms of the Deposit Agreement. In the event that, in determining the rights and obligations of parties hereto with respect to any Uncertificated ADSs, any conflict arises between (a) the terms of the Deposit Agreement (other than this Section 2.13) and (b) the terms of this Section 2.13, the terms and conditions set forth in this Section 2.13 shall be controlling and shall govern the rights and obligations of the parties to the Deposit Agreement pertaining to the Uncertificated ADSs.
Certificated Securities The Company shall, in the case of certificated Registrable Securities, cooperate with the Holders and the managing Underwriters to facilitate the timely preparation and delivery of certificates (not bearing any legends) representing Registrable Securities to be sold after receiving written representations from the Holders participating in such offering that the Registrable Securities represented by the certificates so delivered by such Holders will be transferred in accordance with the Registration Statement, and enable such Registrable Securities to be in such denominations and registered in such names as such Holders or managing Underwriters may reasonably request at least two business days prior to any sale of such Registrable Securities.
Uncertificated Securities The Collateral Interest shall be delivered in uncertificated form.
Uncertificated Warrants Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, any Warrant, or portion thereof, may be issued as part of, and be represented by, a Unit, and any Warrant may be issued in uncertificated or book-entry form through the Warrant Agent and/or the facilities of The Depository Trust Company (the “Depositary”) or other book-entry depositary system, in each case as determined by the Board of Directors of the Company or by an authorized committee thereof. Any Warrant so issued shall have the same terms, force and effect as a certificated Warrant that has been duly countersigned by the Warrant Agent in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Certificated Assets Investments which are certificated may be held in registered or bearer form: (a) in the Custodian's vault; (b) in the vault of a Subcustodian or agent of the Custodian or a Subcustodian; or (c) in an account maintained by the Custodian, Subcustodian or agent at a Securities Depository; all in accordance with customary market practice in the jurisdiction in which any Investments are held.
Uncertificated Shares Notwithstanding anything else herein, to the extent permitted under applicable foreign, federal, state or provincial law, the Committee may, issue the Shares in the form of uncertificated shares. Such uncertificated shares of Restricted Stock shall be credited to a book entry account maintained by the Company (or its designee) on behalf of the Participant. If thereafter certificates are issued with respect to the uncertificated shares of Restricted Stock, such issuance and delivery of certificates shall be in accordance with the applicable terms of this Agreement.
Uncertificated Pledged Collateral Such Grantor will permit the Administrative Agent from time to time to cause the appropriate issuers (and, if held with a securities intermediary, such securities intermediary) of uncertificated securities or other types of Pledged Collateral owned by it not represented by certificates to mark their books and records with the numbers and face amounts of all such uncertificated securities or other types of Pledged Collateral not represented by certificates and all rollovers and replacements therefor to reflect the Lien of the Administrative Agent granted pursuant to this Security Agreement. With respect to any Pledged Collateral owned by it, such Grantor will take any actions necessary to cause (a) the issuers of uncertificated securities which are Pledged Collateral and (b) any securities intermediary which is the holder of any such Pledged Collateral, to cause the Administrative Agent to have and retain Control over such Pledged Collateral. Without limiting the foregoing, such Grantor will, with respect to any such Pledged Collateral held with a securities intermediary, cause such securities intermediary to enter into a control agreement with the Administrative Agent, in form and substance satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, giving the Administrative Agent Control.
Certificated Notes If and when the Issuer intends to issue certificated notes (“Certificated Notes”), the Issuer and JPMorgan shall agree upon the form of such Notes. Thereafter, the Issuer shall from time to time deliver to JPMorgan adequate supplies of Certificated Notes which will be in bearer form, serially numbered, and shall be executed by the manual or facsimile signature of an Authorized Representative. JPMorgan will acknowledge receipt of any supply of Certificated Notes received from the Issuer, noting any exceptions to the shipping manifest or transmittal letter (if any), and will hold the Certificated Notes in safekeeping for the Issuer in accordance with JPMorgan’s customary practices. JPMorgan shall not have any liability to the Issuer to determine by whom or by what means a facsimile signature may have been affixed on Certificated Notes, or to determine whether any facsimile or manual signature is genuine, if such facsimile or manual signature resembles the specimen signature attached to the Issuer’s certificate of incumbency with respect to such Authorized Representative. Any Certificated Note bearing the manual or facsimile signature of a person who is an Authorized Representative on the date such signature was affixed shall bind the Issuer after completion thereof by JPMorgan, notwithstanding that such person shall have ceased to hold his or her office on the date such Note is countersigned or delivered by JPMorgan.
Book-Entry Notes The Notes, upon original issuance, shall be issued in the form of typewritten Notes representing the Book-Entry Notes, to be delivered to The Depository Trust Company, the initial Clearing Agency, by, or on behalf of, the Issuer. The Book-Entry Notes shall be registered initially on the Note Register in the name of Cede & Co., the nominee of the initial Clearing Agency, and no Note Owner thereof shall receive a Definitive Note (as defined below) representing such Note Owner's interest in such Note, except as provided in Section 2.13. Unless and until definitive, fully registered Notes (the "Definitive Notes") have been issued to such Note Owners pursuant to Section 2.13:
Perfection of Uncertificated Securities Collateral Each Grantor represents and warrants that the Collateral Agent has a perfected first priority security interest (subject to the Intercreditor Agreement) in all uncertificated Pledged Securities pledged by it hereunder that is in existence on the date hereof and that the applicable Organization Documents do not require the consent of the other shareholders, members, partners or other Person to permit the Collateral Agent or its designee to be substituted for the applicable Grantor as a shareholder, member, partner or other equity owner, as applicable, thereto. Each Grantor hereby agrees that if any of the Pledged Securities are at any time not evidenced by certificates of ownership, then each applicable Grantor shall, to the extent permitted by applicable Law and upon the request of the Collateral Agent, cause such pledge to be recorded on the equityholder register or the books of the issuer, execute customary pledge forms or other documents necessary or reasonably requested to complete the pledge and give the Collateral Agent the right to transfer such Pledged Securities under the terms hereof and, provide to the Collateral Agent an opinion of counsel, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Collateral Agent, confirming such pledge and perfection thereof.