Certificate of Creditable Coverage Sample Clauses

Certificate of Creditable Coverage. Unless the Group has chosen to accept this responsibility, a certificate of creditable coverage (which provides information regarding the Member’s length of coverage under the Agreement) will be issued automatically upon termination of coverage, and may also be obtained upon request.
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Certificate of Creditable Coverage. CareFirst will furnish a written certificate of creditable coverage via first-class mail.
Certificate of Creditable Coverage. Upon termination of a Member’s coverage, the PPO will automatically issue a Certificate of Creditable Coverage. The Certificate of Creditable Coverage indicates the length of time the Member had continuous health coverage under the PPO. In the event additional Certificates of Creditable Coverage are required, the Member has the right to request them within twenty-four (24) months after coverage terminates or at any time while enrolled in the PPO. A Member may request a Certificate of Creditable Coverage by contacting the Customer Service Team at the telephone number on the Member Identification Card.
Certificate of Creditable Coverage. CareFirst BlueChoice will furnish a written certificate of creditable coverage via first-class mail.
Certificate of Creditable Coverage. At the time Coverage terminates, You are entitled to receive a certificate verifying the type of Coverage, the date of any waiting periods, and the date any creditable Coverage began and ended. A certificate of creditable Coverage under this Contract will be issued:
Certificate of Creditable Coverage. Upon termination of your coverage under this Policy, you will be issued a Certificate of Creditable of Coverage. You may request a Certificate of Creditable Coverage within 24 months of termination of your or your depen- dent’s (if applicable) coverage under this Policy.

Related to Certificate of Creditable Coverage

  • Certificate of Insurance Contractor must provide a Certificate of Insurance form to the City of Sparks to evidence the insurance policies and coverage required of Contractor.

  • Required Insurance Coverage As a condition of this Contract with DIR, Vendor shall provide the listed insurance coverage within 5 business days of execution of the Contract if the Vendor is awarded services which require that Vendor’s employees perform work at any Customer premises and/or use employer vehicles to conduct work on behalf of Customers. In addition, when engaged by a Customer to provide services on Customer premises, the Vendor shall, at its own expense, secure and maintain the insurance coverage specified herein, and shall provide proof of such insurance coverage to the related Customer within five (5) business days following the execution of the Purchase Order. Vendor may not begin performance under the Contract and/or a Purchase Order until such proof of insurance coverage is provided to, and approved by, DIR and the Customer. All required insurance must be issued by companies that have an A rating and a Financial Size Category Class of VII from A.M. Best, and are licensed in the State of Texas and authorized to provide the corresponding coverage. The Customer and DIR will be named as Additional Insureds on all required coverage. Required coverage must remain in effect through the term of the Contract and each Purchase Order issued to Vendor there under. The minimum acceptable insurance provisions are as follows:

  • Required Insurance Coverages The Contractor also agrees to purchase insurance and have the authorized agent state on the insurance certificate that the Contractor has purchased the following types of insurance coverages, consistent with the policies and requirements of O.C.G.A. §50-21-37. The minimum required coverages and liability limits are as follows:

  • Double Coverage County employees may have double coverage under County-sponsored medical plans.

  • MAINTENANCE OF INSURANCE COVERAGE Each party agrees to maintain throughout the term of this Agreement professional liability insurance coverage of the type and amount reasonably customary in its industry. Upon request, a party shall furnish the other party with pertinent information concerning the professional liability insurance coverage that it maintains. Such information shall include the identity of the insurance carrier(s), coverage levels, and deductible amounts.

  • Single Coverage The School District will pay up to $28.00 per month for individual coverage for each full-time teacher who qualifies for and enrolls in the School District's group dental insurance plan.

  • Insurance Coverage The Company and each Subsidiary maintains in full force and effect insurance coverage that is customary for comparably situated companies for the business being conducted and properties owned or leased by the Company and each Subsidiary, and the Company reasonably believes such insurance coverage to be adequate against all liabilities, claims and risks against which it is customary for comparably situated companies to insure.

  • TAM Service Coverage Each TAM Service Subscription will be limited to certain parameters (that is, a region, a customer team and/or a product line) and will be listed in the Order Form and, if not listed, the TAM parameters will be established upon the initiation of the TAM Service. • Regions: North America, Latin America, EMEA, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan, China and India), China, India or Japan. • Customer Team: The customer team supported by the TAM, such as your development team, your system administration team, your support team, etc. • Red Hat Product Line: The supported Red Hat product line, such as the Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat JBoss Middleware, Red Hat Storage or Red Hat Cloud product lines.

  • Life Insurance Coverage a. Fifteen Thousand ($15,000) Dollars life insurance policy with AD&D from an insurance carrier selected by the Board, subject to the provisions of this section. Such insurance shall pay double in the case of accidental death or dismemberment.

  • PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY AND CYBER LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE In addition to the insurance required in Attachment C to this Contract, before commencing work on this Contract and throughout the term of this Contract, Contractor agrees to procure and maintain (a) Technology Professional Liability insurance for any and all services performed under this Contract, with minimum third party coverage of $1,000,000.00 per claim, $2,000,000.00 aggregate. To the extent Contractor has access to, processes, handles, collects, transmits, stores or otherwise deals with State Data, Contractor shall maintain first party Breach Notification Coverage of not less than $1,000,000.00. Before commencing work on this Contract the Contractor must provide certificates of insurance to show that the foregoing minimum coverages are in effect. With respect to the first party Breach Notification Coverage, Contractor shall name the State of Vermont and its officers and employees as additional insureds for liability arising out of this Contract.

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