Certificate of Clearance Sample Clauses

Certificate of Clearance. In accordance with California Education Code Section 44320, each credential candidate prior to assignment to Institution must obtain at their sole expense a “Certificate of Clearance,” which includes a complete Live Scan Service. The University will ensure that Candidates receive a Certificate prior to beginning their assignment in the Institution or hold a valid document issued by the CTC accounting for fingerprint clearance.
Certificate of Clearance. ‌ (3-1-88) The Certificate of Clearance is the instrument which shall be used to certify that hazard reduction has been accomplished, a contract entered into with the Director to ensure hazard management, or an additional fee has been paid. Anyone who has been issued an Agreement for the cutting of any forest product or potential forest product and who has met standards outlined in Rule 120, or has made payment for hazard reduction under a contract with the Director as provided in Section 38-404, Idaho Code, or has paid an additional fee in accordance with Section 38-122, Idaho Code, shall apply in writing to the Director for a Certificate of Clearance. Within thirty (30) days after receipt of such written request for a Certificate of Clearance, the Director shall cause the area covered by the request to be inspected. If it is found that the fire hazard has been properly disposed of, the Director shall issue a Certificate of Clearance. The Certificate of Clearance shall be substantially the same form as Department of Lands Form No. 760 - "Certificate of Clearance". (3-1-88) 141. -- 149. (RESERVED).‌

Related to Certificate of Clearance

  • Certificate of Compliance The Trust shall deliver to Financial Security concurrently with the delivery of the financial statements required pursuant to paragraph (b) above, a certificate signed by an Authorized Officer of the Administrator stating that:

  • Certificate of Completion The Applicant shall provide the EDC with a completed copy of the Certificate of Completion, including evidence of the electrical inspection by the local authority having jurisdiction. The evidence of completion of the electrical inspection may be provided on inspection forms used by local inspecting authorities.

  • Certificate of Seller Seller shall have provided Purchaser a certificate, substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit C, signed by an authorized officer of Seller dated as of such date, applicable to the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, to the effect that: (a) each of Seller’s representations and warranties made in this Agreement and each other Transaction Document to which Seller is a party is true and correct in all material respects as of such date; (b) all of the terms, covenants, conditions and obligations of this Agreement and each other Transaction Document to which Seller is a party that are required to be complied with and performed by Seller at or prior to the Closing Date have been duly complied with and performed in all material respects; (c) the conditions set forth in Section 9.04 and Section 9.05 have been satisfied; and (d) as of the Closing Date, Seller has a Consolidated Tangible Net Worth of at least the sum of (x) $250,000,000 and (y) 50% of the proceeds from any issuance of equity on or after the date hereof by Seller, Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. or any of Seller’s consolidated subsidiaries, and the Seller (considered together with the Seller’s consolidated subsidiaries) is not in default in any indebtedness in excess of $10,000,000 (individually or in the aggregate).

  • Certificate of Parent The Company shall have received a certificate from Parent executed by a Vice President for and on its behalf to the effect that, as of the Closing:

  • CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE Every employer shall issue an employee with a certificate of service on termination of the employee’s contract of employment. Such certificate shall comply with the provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (Act 75 of 1997) (as amended).

  • Certificate of the Company Parent shall have received certificates from the Company, validly executed by the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the Company for and on the Company’s behalf, to the effect that, as of the Closing:

  • Certificate of Conformance At Buyer’s request, a Certificate of Conformance stating the Products conform to all Order requirements shall accompany each shipment. Seller shall have available for review all sub-tier certifications for goods and processes that support the shipment.

  • Certificate of Limited Partnership The General Partner has caused the Certificate of Limited Partnership to be filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware as required by the Delaware Act. The General Partner shall use all reasonable efforts to cause to be filed such other certificates or documents that the General Partner determines to be necessary or appropriate for the formation, continuation, qualification and operation of a limited partnership (or a partnership in which the limited partners have limited liability) in the State of Delaware or any other state in which the Partnership may elect to do business or own property. To the extent the General Partner determines such action to be necessary or appropriate, the General Partner shall file amendments to and restatements of the Certificate of Limited Partnership and do all things to maintain the Partnership as a limited partnership (or a partnership or other entity in which the limited partners have limited liability) under the laws of the State of Delaware or of any other state in which the Partnership may elect to do business or own property. Subject to the terms of Section 3.4(a), the General Partner shall not be required, before or after filing, to deliver or mail a copy of the Certificate of Limited Partnership, any qualification document or any amendment thereto to any Limited Partner.

  • Certificate of Incumbency a list of directors and officers of each Relevant Party specifying the names and positions of such persons, certified (in a certificate dated no earlier than five (5) Banking Days prior to the date of this Agreement) by an officer of such Relevant Party to be true, complete and up to date;

  • Annual Certificate of Compliance If required by Regulation AB and requested by the Depositor or the Servicer, the Indenture Trustee will deliver to the Administrator, the Issuer and the Servicer on or before March 1 of each year, starting in the year after the Closing Date, an Officer’s Certificate signed by a Responsible Person of the Indenture Trustee (i) stating that (A) a review of the Indenture Trustee’s activities during the prior year and of its performance under this Indenture has been made under the Responsible Person’s supervision and (B) to the Responsible Person’s knowledge, based on the review, the Indenture Trustee has fulfilled in all material respects its obligations under this Indenture throughout the prior year, or, if there has been a failure to fulfill the obligation in a material respect, stating the failure known to the Responsible Person and the nature and status of the failure and (ii) certifying to matters related to the Indenture Trustee as required under Form 10-K under the Exchange Act.