Certain Duties of Master Servicer and Seller Sample Clauses

Certain Duties of Master Servicer and Seller. Master Servicer shall, promptly following receipt of the collections of any receivable that is not a Pool Receivable, a Related Asset or any other property included in the grant set forth in Section 9.1, turn over such collection to the Person entitled to such collection. Master Servicer, if other than CHR (or any of its Affiliates), shall, as soon as practicable upon demand, deliver to Seller (A) all documents, instruments, books, records, purchase orders, agreements, reports and other information (including computer programs, tapes, disks, other information storage media, data processing software and related property and rights) in its possession that evidence or relate to Receivables of Seller other than Pool Receivables and the Obligors of such Receivables, and (B) copies of all Records in its possession.