Cease and Desist Sample Clauses

Cease and Desist. If a Borrower requests, in writing or on the telephone, no further contact regarding a Loan, then further contact will only be made with such Borrower in accordance with Applicable Law.
Cease and Desist a. ACE shall not, directly or indirectly, knowingly provide or offer any Broker or non-exclusive Agent placing, renewing, consulting on or servicing any Commercial Insurance Policy a false, fictitious, inflated, artificial, “B,” alternative, back-up or throw away bid, quote or indication, or any other illegal quote or indication that is not based upon bona fide business, actuarial or underwriting considerations when the quote or indication is given.
Cease and Desist. Aon shall immediately cease and desist from all activities described herein, whether in this Regulatory Settlement Agreement or any exhibit hereto, which constitute untrustworthy and irresponsible conduct as set forth in the signatory stateslaws; and from otherwise engaging in conduct which violates applicable statutes and/or regulations.
Cease and Desist. GRANTOR shall have the right to direct that Gulf South cease and desist any particular activity upon the Property that in Grantor’s good faith belief creates a hazard to persons or property or unreasonably interferes with GRANTOR’s current operations on the Property, and Gulf South shall be obligated to promptly remedy such activity. .
Cease and Desist. A cease and desist notice may be issued to student organizations or student groups whose continued operation poses a threat to the health and safety of the University community. Directives to cease and desist may be effective immediately without prior notice if there is evidence that the continued presence and operation of the student organization or student group poses a substantial threat to the health and safety oftheir members or others in the community (e.g., hazing allegation).
Cease and Desist. Within one (1) business day following the Effective Date, Blackstone Communications, Moffly, Pacheco, Bertonatti, Costa, Worldwide, directly or indirectly, shall cease and desist from using the word “Blackstone”, or any variations of the word “Blackstone”, in commerce or otherwise and shall not at anytime thereafter, in perpetuity, be directly or indirectly associated in any way with any business that uses the word “Blackstone,” for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to, a business name, a website, or a domain name.
Cease and Desist. Client may request EBRAND to undertake certain extrajudicial actions against third parties infringing on the Registered Rights. In such case, Client shall empower EBRAND to act on their behalf (the “POA”).
Cease and Desist. Seterus shall cease and desist from failing to timely respond to qualified written requests in violation of Section 1024.36(d)(2) of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, 12 CFR Part 1024 (“RESPA”), failing to exercise reasonable diligence in obtaining documents and information to complete loss mitigation applications in violation of Section 1024.41(b)(1) of RESPA, failing to timely acknowledge receipt of borrower loss mitigation applications in violation of Section 1024.41(b)(2)(i)(B) of RESPA, failing to include in notices a reasonable date by which borrowers should submit documents and information necessary to make loss mitigation applications complete in violation of Section 1024.41(b)(2)(ii) of RESPA, failing to obtain audits pursuant to the Uniform Single Audit program for Mortgage Bankers as approved by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America, failing to file accurate reports, failing to provide access to books and records, failing to update a change to a Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry (“NMLS”) disclosure question within ten (10) days of such change, collecting a late fee that exceeded the contractual maximum amount allowed, and failing to implement a compliance management system and formal audit program to effectively manage the compliance and business risk of its consumer collections operations. Seterus shall further cease and desist from engaging in any of the aforestated additional conduct.
Cease and Desist. In the event Grantor receives a cease and desist letter or any threatened or actual claim with respect to the use of the "Baby Genius" name, the "Kid Genius" name or the name of any of the Pictures, Grantor shall immediately notify WHV of the same in writing, and in the event WHV has to stop distributing any of the Pictures as a result, Grantor shall refund any of the unrecouped Advances (including the Additional Recoupable Advances), plus interest, to WHV within ten (10) days of WHV's request therefor.
Cease and Desist. The Camper will not do or permit anything to be done to or on the Leased Campsite or permit anything to be kept thereon which may be annoying to the Owner or which the Owner may deem to be a nuisance or a hazard and in the case of the Owner reasonably advising the Camper that the Camper’s property, activity or process is a nuisance or a hazard to the Owner, the Camper will immediately abate such nuisance or hazard.