Category 8 Sample Clauses

Category 8. Vacation home (aka: Vacation Rental, Holiday Home, Holiday Apartment, Tourist Home (VRBO))/Cabins 3.48
Category 8 

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  • Category the category under which the product concerned falls for the purposes of tariff elimination.

  • Categories All personnel of the Logistics & Supply Business Unit, within the following work categories and in classifications as enumerated in Article 8.03, are covered by this Agreement. Nothing in this agreement prevents an employee from performing either on a day to day or regular basis, any function or task that is generally performed by any category, provided that the employee is competent to perform the work required. Any efficiencies attained out of this flexibility is not intended to eliminate a category.

  • Level II In the event the grievance is not resolved in Level I, the decision rendered may be appealed to the superintendent of schools, provided such appeal is made in writing within five (5) days after receipt of the decision in Level I. If a grievance is properly appealed to the superintendent, the superintendent or his designee shall set a time to meet regarding the grievance within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the appeal. Within ten (10) days after the meeting the superintendent or his designee shall issue a decision in writing to the parties involved.

  • Target Population Areas UMA is designed to target low-to-moderate income homeowners and address the needs of a homeowner’s specific situation in lieu of targeting certain regions or counties.