CARPENTERS Sample Clauses

CARPENTERS. 1 Tool Box with lock and key 1 Wrecking Bar 1 each Wood Chisels, 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" 1 Claw Hammer * 1 Spirit Level, 24" or longer 1 Chalk Line 1 Plier * 1 Steep Tape, minimum 16' 1 Utility Knife 2 Nail sets ( 3 Screwdrivers, flat blade, 4", 8" and 12") ( or equivalent ) or Ratchet
CARPENTERS. Where a xxxxxxxxx is required to use his own automobile for Board purposes (possibly with equipment storage over the night or weekends), then such xxxxxxxxx will receive one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) per month.
CARPENTERS. The employer and the Union agree to ploy a full complement of Carpenters’ Ap- prentices who are duly registered with the appropriate government authority, where the economic conditions and the labour require- ments warrant it.
CARPENTERS a) Door Closers  B/E's adjust or exchange.  Overhaul and repairs by carpenters.
CARPENTERS. If a dispute arising under this Article involves the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council or any of its subordinate bodies, an Arbitrator shall be chosen by the procedures specified in Article V, Section 5, of the Plan from a list composed of Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, and Xxxxxx Xxxxx. The Arbitrator’s hearing on the dispute shall be held at the offices of the applicable Building and Construction Trades Council within fourteen (14) days of the selection of the Arbitrator. All other procedures shall be as specified in the Plan.
CARPENTERS. 1. The term “carpenters” and the term “joiners” are synonymous and in either case shall mean one who performs the work normally allotted to this trade which is described as follows:
CARPENTERS. Flaggers in all construction work defined herein, including watchmen. Traffic control supervisor and equipment necessary to perform the work as directed by the Employer. The loading, unloading, handling, stockpiling and placement of all traffic control devices, including the placing of all tapers; the setting of all temporary and permanent signs if done by employees directly employed by Contractors signatory to this Agreement. Temporary and permanent field fencing. Clear and grub, layout, dig holes, mix, place, puddle, smooth, and float concrete footings for permanent chain-link fence. Load, unload, stockpile, handle and distribution of chain-link fence. Metal and guardrail: Layout, clear and grub, xxxx, sight, plumb, dress and set all posts and restraint plates. Load, unload, stockpile, handle and distribution on guardrail line of all materials, tools and equipment. Cable guardrail on wood posts. Treated wood post construction with plank, cable, metal plate or any other type beam, rail or fabric. Guide posts and guard posts (all types) permanent and/or temporary, including right-of- way markers and section markers. All jackhammer men, gunnite nozzle men, bricklayer tenders, air spades, asphalt xxxxxx, blade grade operators, form setters, mechanical form tampers, powder men, rubbing of concrete, cement handlers, dumping dry cement from dump and batch trucks, sewer tile and pipe layers, shoring and bracing in sewers and tunnels, puddlers, xxxxxx men, power tool operators, spotters and dump men on levees, fills, grades, priming and wrapping of gas lines, and handling of creosote lumber and the handling of lime. The Contractor agrees to assign work to Laborers in accord with this Agreement. In the event that a Contractor's assignment of work is disputed or any competing claim arises by a labor organization, craft, trade, class or group of employees, such dispute or claim shall be resolved in accordance with Article 10 of this Agreement.
CARPENTERS. 1 Tool Box with lock and key 1 Wrecking Bar 1 to expansion bit 1 Ratchet Brace 1 set Wood Bits, to plus extension 1 each Wood Chisels, and * 1 set Twist Drills, up to (replaceable by company) 1 Hack Saw, or adjustable 1 Claw Hammer 1 Axe, Short Handle 1 Spirit Level, or longer 0 Xxxxx Xxxx
CARPENTERS a) Door Closers ▪ B/E's adjust or exchange. ▪ Overhaul and repairs by carpenters.
CARPENTERS. The xxxxxxxxx claims: Laying out and picking up all the tools and cords of his/her trade in the a.m. and p.m. in its entirety. Taking off of line and grade from original points set in the immediate work area by the job surveyor for the purpose of performing carpentry work. There shall be no limitation of xxx Xxxxxxxxxx’ use of any layout tool or instrument. Prefabs or constructs forms for footing or foundations, of houses, buildings, structures of all descriptions, whether made of wood, metal, plastic or any other type of material, erects structural parts of a house, building or structure made of wood or any other substitute such as plastic or composition material, puts together roofs, partitions, fabricates, or erects forms for decking or other structural parts of houses, buildings or any structure, and dismantles all forms. Fabricates, erects and dismantles false work and the setting or dismantling of forms or gang forms to the extent provided by area practice. Fabricates and/or sets all templates, including anchor bolts necessary for structural members or machinery and places and/or levels these bolts. All concrete forms whether wood, metal, plastic or any other composition built erected and stripped by hand, or crane, including any signaling by hand or radio. The joining together of all types of concrete forms, whether of wood, metal, or composition material, such as the assembly and erection of metal bin walls. The setting, plumbing, bracing, rigging and stripping of all types of forms excluding metal forms for concrete pavement. The fabrication and assembly of any gang forms by the Employer or a subcontractor shall be performed by employees covered by this Agreement or employees covered by another collective bargaining agreement with an affiliate of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. This excludes patented forms such as economy forms, Xxxxxx forms, Blaw Xxxx and architectural forms. Frames in connection with the setting of metal columns, sets all forms, centers, stairs, and bulkheads, fabricates and sets screeds and stakes for concrete and mastic floors where the screed is notched or fitted or made up of more than one member, makes and sets all forms used in concrete work, and installs all types of expansion joints excluding expansion and contraction joints in concrete pavement. Strips all concrete forms at a safe distance from columns beam sides, and beam bottoms, wall and footing forms, flat arch, forms of all types of construction. The unloadin...