Capital Readjustments; Stock Dividends Sample Clauses

Capital Readjustments; Stock Dividends. The Shares with respect to which Awards may be granted are Shares as presently constituted, but if, and whenever, prior to the expiration of an Award theretofore granted, the Company shall effect a subdivision or consolidation of Shares or other capital readjustment, the payment of a stock dividend on Common Stock, or other increase or reduction in the number of Shares outstanding, without receipt of consideration by the Company, then (i) the number of Shares, class or series and per Share price with respect to which such Award may thereafter be exercised or satisfied, as applicable, shall be appropriately adjusted in such a manner as to entitled a Holder to receive upon exercise or satisfaction of an Award, for the same aggregate cash consideration, the equivalent total number and class of series of Common Stock the Holder would have received had the Holder exercised the Holder's Option or satisfied the requirements under another Award prior to the event requiring the adjustment, and (ii) the number and class or series of Common Stock then available for issuance under the Plan and the numerical limitations in Section V(a) shall be adjusted by substituting for the total number and class or series of Common Stock then available for issuance that number and class or series of Common Stock that would have been received by the owner of an equal number of outstanding Shares of each class or series of Common Stock as a result of the event requiring the adjustment.