Capacity, Service and Testing Sample Clauses

Capacity, Service and Testing. Provider agrees to properly maintain ----------------------------- Capacity covered by this Agreement. Upon execution of this Agreement, CFN and IFN shall each appoint two persons to develop standards and requirements for the provision of Capacity under this Agreements (the "Standards"). Such Standards shall equal or exceed general long-haul telecommunications industry performance standards. Seller and Provider agree to perform joint testing on an as-required basis in conformance with the requirements described pursuant to this Section. Provider agrees to provide the Seller with a twenty four (24) hour, seven day a week technical contact for coordination of testing of Capacity covered under this Agreement. In the event of an Interruption of the Capacity, Provider agrees to provide restoration of Capacity, on a priority basis. Provider, at its sole expense, shall keep the Capacity as now or hereafter constituted with all improvements and upgrades made thereto in good condition and shall make all repairs and replacements necessary to maintain the Capacity. 4