Capacity Credits Sample Clauses

Capacity Credits. Company will credit Customer 85% of the total revenues it receives from ISO-NE for the calculated capacity value of the Customer’s resource. This credit initially will be based upon the Committed kW Reduction amount provided by the Customer in this Agreement and submitted to ISO-NE. The initial capacity credit will remain in effect until the ISO-NE calls for a curtailment of the load. Following the curtailment, the Capacity credit will be adjusted to reflect the amount of load actually curtailed based on the ISO-NE performance calculation, which is detailed in the Load Response Manual. The total amount of Committed kW Reduction will be provided by Customer and may be changed by Company at Customer’s request in accordance with the ISO-NE program rules. An example of a Capacity credit calculation is contained in Appendix C.
Capacity Credits. Beginning on the Effective Date, PP&L hereby agrees ---------------- to sell to UGI, and UGI agrees to purchase from PP&L, Capacity Credits in an amount equal to its accounted-for obligation as determined daily by PJM in accordance with Article 7 and Schedule 7 of the PJM Reliability Assurance Agreement, less the PJM qualified Capacity Resource value of UGI's Hunlock Power Station ("Hunlock"), UGI's share of the Conemaugh Power Station ("Conemaugh"), and, through December 31, 1999, the qualified Capacity Resource value of UGI's existing purchase of the output of
Capacity Credits. For each Capacity Credit purchased pursuant to ---------------- Section 1.1, UGI shall pay PP&L at the rate of $110 per megawatt day prior to June 1, 1999, and $121.00 per megawatt day beginning June 1, 1999 through February 28, 2001.
Capacity Credits. For each Unforced Capacity Credit purchased from UGIDC's entitlement, UGI shall pay UGIDC market rates based on the average monthly clearing price in the PJM capacity market or an equivalent indicator of monthly capacity prices in the event that the PJM market ceases to reflect general market conditions.

Related to Capacity Credits

  • Service Level Credits Supplier recognizes that ABM is paying Supplier to deliver the Services at specified Service Levels. If Supplier fails to meet such Service Levels, then Supplier shall pay or credit to ABM the performance credits specified in Schedule G (“Service Level Credits”) in recognition of the diminished value of the Services resulting from Supplier’s failure to meet the agreed upon level of performance, and not as a penalty. Under no circumstances shall the imposition of Service Level Credits be construed as ABM’s sole or exclusive remedy for any failure to meet the Service Levels. If ABM recovers monetary damages from Supplier as a result of Supplier’s failure to meet a Service Level, Supplier shall be entitled to set-off against such damages any Service Level Credits paid for the failure giving rise to such recovery. For avoidance of doubt, unless otherwise specified in Schedule G, Supplier’s performance under the Master Agreement and all Companion Agreements shall be aggregated together for purposes of determining Supplier’s compliance with applicable Service Levels and calculating and assessing any resulting Service Level Credits.

  • Service Credits Employees on parental leave shall be entitled to normal accumulation of service credits for the duration of the parental leave.

  • Service Level Commitment Except as otherwise specified in this Contract, from and after the Effective Date, Riskonnect shall perform the Services at levels that are equal to or better than the Service Levels applicable to such Services. Riskonnect shall be responsible for meeting or exceeding the applicable Service Levels even where doing so is dependent on the provision of Services by subcontractors or other non-Riskonnect personnel. The Service Level methodology applicable to the Service Levels is set forth in the Scope of Work. Any resources utilized by Riskonnect pursuant to the terms hereof shall incorporate methods permitting measurement of all performance-related Service Levels. Riskonnect shall measure and compare the actual or observed performance resulting from Riskonnect’s performance of the Services with the Service Levels during each month. Riskonnect shall prepare and deliver or make available to the County’s Program Manager by the tenth (10th) business day of the following month, a Service Level report in a format to be agreed to by the County’s Program Manager and Riskonnect.

  • Transmission Credits No later than thirty (30) days prior to the Commercial Operation Date, the Interconnection Customer may make a one-time election by written notice to the CAISO and the Participating TO to receive Congestion Revenue Rights as defined in and as available under the CAISO Tariff at the time of the election in accordance with the CAISO Tariff, in lieu of a refund of the cost of Network Upgrades in accordance with Article 11.4.1.

  • Vacation Credits All employees shall participate in the County’s Terminal Pay Plan (Plan). However, only the terminal paychecks (including unused vacation) of those employees who have reached the age of fifty-five (55) shall be placed into the Plan. These terminal paychecks shall be placed into the Plan on a pre-tax basis in accordance with the Plan, all applicable laws and all rules and regulations applicable to the Plan.

  • Credits An employee shall earn sick leave credits at the rate of one and one-quarter (1 1/4) days for each calendar month for which he receives pay for at least ten (10) days.

  • Service Credit For purposes of vesting, eligibility to participate and level of benefits (and for all other purposes to the extent required by applicable Law) under the employee benefit plans of Purchaser and its Affiliates providing benefits to any Transferred Employees after the Closing, each Transferred Employee shall be credited with his or her years of service with Seller Parent and its Affiliates (including the Conveyed Subsidiaries and their Subsidiaries) and their respective predecessors to the same extent and for the same purpose as such Transferred Employee was credited, before the Closing, under any similar Seller Group Plan or Foreign Seller Group Plan in which such Transferred Employee participated or was eligible to participate immediately prior to the Closing, provided that the foregoing shall not apply (A) to the extent that its application would result in a duplication of benefits (including accrual of severance or termination related entitlements where these have been paid out as a result of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement) or (B) for purposes of level of benefits under any defined benefit pension plan (other than under Purchaser Pension Plans with respect to the transfer of Liabilities from Seller Pension Plans as described in Section 6.6(e), or as required by applicable Law).

  • Investment Credits The total fees due to the Transfer Agent from all funds affiliated with the Fund shall be reduced by an amount equal to the investment income earned by the Transfer Agent, if any, on the balances of the disbursement accounts for those funds. Such credits shall first be allocated to the Institutional Class, if any, of a Portfolio based upon the number of accounts holding shares of such Class relative to the total number of accounts holding all Classes of shares in the Portfolio. The Portfolio’s remaining fiscal year-to-date credits shall be allocated among accounts holding Class X, X0, X0, X, X0, X, X0, P, R, R5, S, Y, Invesco Cash Reserve and Investor Class Shares, as applicable, on the basis of fiscal year-to-date average net assets.

  • Tax Credits A Creditor Party which receives for its own account a repayment or credit in respect of tax on account of which the Borrowers have made an increased payment under Clause 23.2 shall pay to the Borrowers a sum equal to the proportion of the repayment or credit which that Creditor Party allocates to the amount due from the Borrowers in respect of which the Borrowers made the increased payment, provided that:

  • Supported wage rates Employees to whom this clause applies shall be paid the applicable percentage of the minimum rate of pay prescribed by this Agreement for the class of work which the person is performing according to the following schedule: Assessed Capacity (Clause 1.3) % of prescribed rate 10%* 10% 20% 20% 30% 30% 40% 40% 50% 50% 60% 60% 70% 70% 80% 80% 90% 90% * (Provided that the minimum amount payable shall be not less than $45 per week). Where a person’s assessed capacity is 10%, they shall receive a high degree of assistance and support.