Cap on Payments Sample Clauses

Cap on Payments. If any payment, benefit or distribution by the Company, any Affiliate or a trust established by the Company or any Affiliate to or for the benefit of the Executive (whether pursuant to this Agreement or otherwise) (each, a “Payment” or, collectively, the “Payments”) is subject to an excise tax imposed by the Code, including pursuant to Section 4999 of the Code, or the Executive incurs any interest or penalties with respect to such an excise tax (such excise tax and any such interest and penalties shall be referred to as the “Excise Tax”), the Payments under Section 4 of this Agreement (the “Agreement Payments”) shall be reduced (but not below zero) to an amount that maximizes the aggregate present value (determined in accordance with Section 280G(d)(4) of the Code) of the Payments without causing any Payment to be subject to the limitation of deduction under Section 280G of the Code or the imposition of any Excise Tax, with such reduction being made (i) on a nondiscretionary basis so as to minimize the reduction in the economic value to the Executive, (ii) in a manner consistent with the requirements of Section 409A, and (iii) on a pro-rata basis where more than one Agreement Payment has the same present value for this purpose and they are payable at different times; provided, however, if the net amount retained by the Executive from all the Payments after the reductions described above in this Section 7(a) would be less than the net amount retained by the Executive from all the Payments after the Executive’s payment of any Excise Tax, the Agreement Payments shall not be reduced as set forth in this Section 7(a).
Cap on Payments. The absolute total amount of payments, whether semi-annual rent payments or production royalties, or otherwise, to be paid to Lessee shall not exceed the sum of EIGHT MILLION US DOLLARS ($8,000,000). Upon this sum payment of $8,000,000 by Lessee or Lessor, Lessee shall have purchased the mineral rights to the Property, however, Lessee shall retain surface rights to the Property. This Lease shall continue in full force and effect notwithstanding payment of the absolute total amount until Lessee shall have ceased production or otherwise terminated this lease.
Cap on Payments