Cancellation and Retirement Sample Clauses

Cancellation and Retirement. Upon surrender to the Fiscal Agent of a Security pursuant to Subsection (b) of this Section 4, the Fiscal Agent shall cancel such Security, and all canceled Securities shall be retired by the Fiscal Agent. No Security shall be deemed to be retired hereunder until retired by the Fiscal Agent; provided that Securities in lieu of which, or in substitution for which, other Securities shall have been authenticated and delivered pursuant to the terms of Section 4(b)(iii) hereof shall not be deemed to be Outstanding (unless proof satisfactory to the Fiscal Agent is made that any such Security is held by a Person in whose hands such Security constitutes a valid obligation of the Issuer). All Securities canceled and retired by the Fiscal Agent pursuant to this Section 4(d) or Section 5(d) hereof may be destroyed from time to time in a manner consistent with the Fiscal Agent’s securities destruction policy. The Fiscal Agent shall certify the cancellation and retirement of any Securities to the Issuer.
Cancellation and Retirement. CEC shall cancel and retire the Existing CEC Shares promptly, and in any event, within five Business Days of receipt.
Cancellation and Retirement of Partnership Interests of ------------------------------------------------------- BCP L.P. As of the Effective Time of the Merger, the general partner -------- interest and the limited partner interest in BCP L.P. issued and outstanding immediately prior to the Effective Time of the Merger shall automatically be cancelled and retired and shall cease to exist.

Related to Cancellation and Retirement

  • Resignation and Retirement Any Trustee may resign his trust or retire as a Trustee, by written instrument signed by him and delivered to the other Trustees or to any officer of the Trust, and such resignation or retirement shall take effect upon such delivery or upon such later date as is specified in such instrument.

  • Severance and Retirement Options (a) (i) Where an employee resigns within 30 days after receiving notice of layoff pursuant to article 14.02 (a)(ii) that his or her position will be eliminated, he or she shall be entitled to a separation allowance of two (2) weeks' salary for each year of continuous service to a maximum of sixteen (16) weeks' pay, and, on production of receipts from an approved educational program, within twelve (12) months of resignation, may be reimbursed for tuition fees up to a maximum of three thousand ($3,000) dollars.

  • Retirement Retirement" shall mean voluntary termination by the Executive in accordance with the Employers' retirement policies, including early retirement, generally applicable to their salaried employees.

  • Termination and Termination Benefits Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 3, the Executive's employment under this Agreement shall terminate under the following circumstances set forth in this Section 6.

  • Retention and Termination of Servicer The Servicer hereby covenants and agrees to act as such under this Agreement for an initial term, commencing on the Closing Date and ending on _______________ which term shall be extendible by [the Note Insurer] for successive quarterly terms ending on each successive June 30, September 30, December 31, and March 31 (or, pursuant to revocable written standing instructions from time to time to the Servicer and the Trust Collateral Agent, for any specified number of terms greater than one), until the termination of the Issuer. Each such notice (including each notice pursuant to standing instructions, which shall be deemed delivered at the end of successive quarterly terms for so long as such instructions are in effect) (a "Servicer Extension Notice") shall be delivered by [the Note Insurer] to the Trust Collateral Agent and the Servicer. The Servicer hereby agrees that, as of the date hereof and upon its receipt of any such Servicer Extension Notice, the Servicer shall become bound, for the initial term beginning on the date hereof and for the duration of the term covered by such Servicer Extension Notice, to continue as the Servicer subject to and in accordance with the other provisions of this Agreement. [Until such time as a Note Insurer Default shall have occurred and be continuing,] the Trust Collateral Agent agrees that if as of the fifteenth day prior to the last day of any term of the Servicer, the Trust Collateral Agent shall not have received any Servicer Extension Notice from [the Note Insurer], the Trust Collateral Agent will, within five days thereafter, give written notice of such non-receipt [to the Note Insurer], the Back-up Servicer (or any alternate successor servicer appointed by the Note Insurer pursuant to Section 8.5) and the Servicer and the Servicer's terms shall not be extended unless a Servicer Extension Notice is received on or before the last day of such term.

  • Termination of 401(k) Plan Effective as of the day immediately preceding the Closing Date, each of the Company and any ERISA Affiliate shall terminate any and all Company Employee Plans intended to include a Code Section 401(k) arrangement (each, a “401(k) Plan”) (unless Parent provides written notice to the Company that such 401(k) Plans shall not be terminated). Unless Parent provides such written notice to the Company, no later than five (5) business days prior to the Closing Date, the Company shall provide Parent with evidence that such Company Employee Plan(s) have been terminated (effective as of the day immediately preceding the Closing Date) pursuant to resolutions of the Board of Directors of the Company or such Affiliate, as the case may be. The form and substance of such resolutions shall be subject to the reasonable review and approval of Parent. The Company also shall take such other actions in furtherance of terminating such Company Employee Plan(s) as Parent may reasonably require. In the event that termination of a 401(k) Plan would reasonably be anticipated to trigger liquidation charges, surrender charges or other fees then the Company shall take such actions as are necessary to reasonably estimate the amount of such charges and/or fees and provide such estimate in writing to Parent no later than fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the Closing Date.

  • Pre-Retirement Leave An Employee scheduled to retire and to receive a superannuation allowance under the applicable pension Acts or who has reached the mandatory retiring age, shall be entitled to:

  • Termination on Death or Disability Upon a termination of employment due to the Executive’s death or Disability, the Company shall have no further liability or further obligation to the Executive except that the Executive (or, if applicable, his estate or designated beneficiaries under any Company-sponsored employee benefit plan in the event of his death) shall be entitled to receive:

  • Termination and Resignation of Agent (a) The Agent may be terminated at any time upon ten (10) days prior written notice from the Senior Noteholder. In the event that the Agent is terminated pursuant to this Section 30, all of its rights and obligations under this Agreement shall be terminated, other than any rights or obligations that accrued prior to the date of such termination.

  • Death Prior to Retirement In the event the Executive should die while employed by the Bank at any time after the date of this Agreement but prior to his Retirement Date, the Bank shall pay a sum equal to the Net Insurance Coverage for the appropriate Plan Year set forth in Schedule A (Participant Balance Sheet and Policy Data) to the Executive's designated Beneficiary in equal monthly installments for a period of one hundred eighty (180) months. If a valid Beneficiary Designation is not in effect, the payments shall be made to the Executive's surviving spouse or, if none, said payments shall be made to the duly qualified personal representative, executor or administrator of Executive's estate. The said monthly payments shall begin the first day of the month following the month of the death of the Executive. Provided, however, that anything hereinabove to the contrary notwithstanding, no death benefit shall be payable hereunder if it is determined that the Executive's death was caused by suicide.