BY THE LANDLORD Sample Clauses

BY THE LANDLORD. The Landlord may assign its rights and obligations under this Deed subject to the assignee entering into a deed with the Tenant pursuant to which the assignee agrees to be bound by the terms of this Deed as if it was the Landlord.
BY THE LANDLORD. The Landlord may terminate this Lease in respect of the Leased Premises at any one or more of the Sites on Notice to the Tenant if:
BY THE LANDLORD. 5.4a In accordance with section 196 of the Law of Property Act 1925 as amended by the Recorded Delivery Service Act 1962; if the Landlord delivers a Notice or document (and retains reasonable evidence of that delivery) required to be served under this agreement or any Act of Parliament, to the Premises (or the last known address of the Tenant if different) by hand or sends it by tracked or signed for delivery or by first class post, addressed to the Tenant then the Tenant will be treated as though they have received it the day after posting or the day after being left at the Premises. In Progress
BY THE LANDLORD. If the Landlord sells or otherwise transfers its interest in the Land or the Premises before the allowance of the whole of the Rent Abatement Amount or the payment in full of the Fitout Contribution, the Landlord must, either (at the Landlord’s election):


  • LANDLORD The covenants and obligations contained in this Lease on the part of Landlord are binding on Landlord, its successors, and assigns only during their respective period of ownership of an interest in the Building. In the event of any transfer or transfers of such title to the Building, Landlord (and, in the case of any subsequent transfers or conveyances, the then grantor) shall be concurrently freed and relieved from and after the date of such transfer or conveyance, without any further instrument or agreement, of all liability with respect to the performance of any covenants or obligations on the part of Landlord contained in this Lease thereafter to be performed.

  • Lessor The Lessor designated on this Lease and its respective successors and assigns. Lessor Indemnified Party: Lessor, any Affiliate of Lessor, including the Company, any other Person against whom any claim for indemnification may be asserted hereunder as a result of a direct or indirect ownership interest in Lessor, the officers, trustees, directors, stockholders, partners, members, employees, agents and representatives of any of the foregoing Persons and of any stockholder, partner, member, agent, or representative of any of the foregoing Persons, and the respective heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns of any such officer, trustee, director, partner, member, stockholder, employee, agent or representative.

  • Tenant By entry hereunder, Tenant accepts the Premises as being in good and sanitary order, condition and repair. Tenant, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, shall keep, maintain and preserve the Premises in first class condition and repair, and shall, when and if needed, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, make all repairs to the Premises and every part thereof, including, without limitation, Tenant’s trade fixtures, installations, equipment and other personal property items within the Premises. All such repairs, maintenance and replacements by Tenant shall be performed in a good and workmanlike manner. Tenant shall, upon the expiration or sooner termination of the Term hereof, surrender the Premises to Landlord in the same condition as when received, usual and ordinary wear and tear excepted. Landlord shall have no obligation to alter, remodel, improve, repair, decorate or paint the Premises or any part thereof. Tenant acknowledges, agrees and affirms that Landlord has made no representations to Tenant respecting the condition of the Premises or the Project. Without limiting the foregoing, Tenant shall, at Tenant’s sole expense, be responsible for repairing any area damaged by Tenant, Tenant’s agents, employees, invitees and visitors. All repairs and replacements by Tenant shall be made and performed: (a) at Tenant’s cost and expense and at such time and in such manner as Landlord may reasonably designate, (b) by contractors or mechanics approved by Landlord, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, (c) so that same shall be at least equal in quality, value and utility to the original work or installation, (d) in a manner and using equipment and materials that will not interfere with or impair the operations, use or occupation of the Building or any of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing or other systems in the Building or the Project, and (e) in accordance with the Rules and Regulations attached hereto as EXHIBIT D and all Applicable Laws. In the event Tenant fails, in the reasonable judgment of Landlord, to maintain the Premises in accordance with the obligations under the Lease, Landlord shall have the right, but not the obligation, to enter the Premises and perform such maintenance, repairs or refurbishing at Tenant’s sole cost and expense (including a sum for overhead to Landlord equal to ten percent (10%) of the cost of the maintenance, repairs or refurbishing). Tenant shall maintain written records of maintenance and repairs, as required by any Applicable Law, and shall use certified technicians to perform such maintenance and repairs, as so required. Tenant shall promptly deliver to Landlord full and complete copies of all service or maintenance contracts entered into by Tenant for the Premises.

  • Subtenant The person or entity with whom a Sublet agreement is proposed to be or is made.

  • Lessee The related Lessee is a Person other than MBFS USA, any Affiliate thereof or a Governmental Authority and, at the time of origination of the 201[__]-[__] Lease, based on information provided by the Lessee, the Lessee is located in and has a billing address within a State.

  • Landlord’s Entry Landlord and its authorized representatives may at all reasonable times during Business Hours and upon reasonable notice to Tenant enter the Premises to: (a) inspect the Premises; (b) show the Premises to prospective purchasers, mortgagees and tenants; (c) post notices of non-responsibility or other protective notices available under the Laws; or (d) exercise and perform Landlord’s rights and obligations under this Lease, including the Landlord Services. Landlord may in the event of any emergency enter the Premises without notice to Tenant. Landlord’s entry into the Premises is not to be construed as a forcible or unlawful entry into, or detainer of, the Premises or as an eviction of Tenant from all or any part of the Premises. So long as Landlord does not unreasonably interfere with Tenant’s use, Tenant will also permit Landlord (or its designees) to enter the Premises to make any repairs and replacements to the Building and to erect, install, use, maintain, replace and repair pipes, cables, conduits, plumbing and vents, and telephone, electric and other wires or other items, in, to and through the Premises if Landlord determines that such activities are necessary or appropriate for properly operating and maintaining the Building.

  • By Landlord Landlord shall, subject to reimbursement as set forth in Exhibit C, keep and maintain in good repair and working order and make repairs to and perform maintenance upon: (1) structural elements of the Building; (2) standard mechanical (including HVAC), electrical, plumbing and fire/life safety systems serving the Building generally; (3) Common Areas; (4) the roof of the Building; (5) exterior windows of the Building; and (6) elevators serving the Building. Landlord shall not be liable for any failure to make any such repairs or to perform any maintenance unless such failure shall persist for an unreasonable time after written notice of the need of such repairs or maintenance is given to Landlord by Tenant. If any of the foregoing maintenance or repair is necessitated due to the acts or omissions of any Tenant Party, Tenant shall pay the costs of such repairs or maintenance to Landlord within thirty (30) days after receipt of an invoice, together with an administrative charge in an amount equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the cost of the repairs. Landlord shall not be liable to Tenant for any interruption of Tenant’s business or inconvenience caused due to any work performed in the Premises or in the Complex pursuant to Landlord’s rights and obligations under this Lease. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if, as a result of such work by Landlord (or Landlord’s failure to perform any work or repair it is required to perform hereunder), (i) the Premises, or a material portion thereof, is rendered untenantable (meaning that Tenant is unable to use the Premises in the normal course of it business), and (ii) Tenant in fact ceases to use the Premises (or material portion thereof), then Tenant’s sole remedy therefor shall be as follows: commencing after the expiration of five (5) consecutive business days following the later to occur of the date the Premises (or a material portion thereof) becomes untenantable, or the date Tenant ceases to use such space, the Rent payable hereunder shall be abated on a per diem basis for each day after such five (5) business day period based upon the percentage of the Premises not used by Tenant, and such abatement shall continue until the date the Premises become tenantable again. To the extent allowed by law, Tenant waives the right to make repairs at Landlord’s expense under any law, statute or ordinance now or hereafter in effect.

  • By Lessor To the extent permitted by state and federal law and its charter or by-laws, Lessor shall forever protect, save and keep Lessee and its permitted successors and assigns harmless and indemnify Lessor against and from any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, suits, judgments, penalties, expenses and liabilities or any kind or nature whatsoever, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising directly or indirectly out of (i) the willful misconduct of Lessor, its agents or employees, in connection with the performance of this Agreement; (ii) any programming transmitted by Lessor during any of Lessor's Airtime.

  • By Tenant Tenant shall not make any alterations to or modifications of the Premises or construct any improvements to or within the Premises without Landlord's prior written approval, and then not until Landlord shall have first approved, in writing, the plans and specifications therefore, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. All such modifications, alterations or improvements, once so approved, shall be made, constructed or installed by Tenant at Tenant's expense, using a licensed contractor first approved by Landlord, in substantial compliance with the Landlord-approved plans and specifications therefore. All work undertaken by Tenant shall be done in accordance with all Laws and in a good and workmanlike manner using new materials of good quality that match or complement the original improvements existing as of the Commencement Date. Tenant shall not commence the making of any such modifications or alterations or the construction of any such improvements until (i) all required governmental approvals and permits shall have been obtained, (ii) all requirements regarding insurance imposed by this Lease have been satisfied, and (iii) Tenant shall have given Landlord at least five (5) business days prior written notice of its intention to commence such work so that Landlord may post and file notices of non-responsibility. In no event shall Tenant make any modifications, alterations or improvements to the Common Areas or any areas outside of the Premises. As used in this Article, the term "modifications, alterations and/or improvements" shall include, without limitation, the installation of additional electrical outlets; overhead lighting fixtures, drains, sinks, partitions, doorways, or the like. Tenant shall pay Landlord's reasonable costs to inspect the construction of Tenant's alterations or modifications and to have Landlord's architect revise Landlord's drawings to show the work performed by Tenant. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenant may construct non-structural alterations without Landlord's prior approval, if the cost of any such project does not exceed Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000); provided, however, that as to any such non-structural alterations, Landlord reserves the right to require Tenant to remove such alterations prior to the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease by giving written notice of such required removal to Tenant at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease; provided, however, if Tenant submits to Landlord a written notice of such alteration that clearly requests Landlord's determination as to whether any such alteration must be removed and states in the text that such notice constitutes as "Alternation Notice" pursuant to Section 6.1 of this Lease (an "Alteration Notice"), then Landlord shall not be entitled to require removal of such alteration unless it notifies Tenant in writing of such requirement within fifteen (15) days following delivery of such Alteration Notice.

  • Landlord Work Landlord agrees to act as construction manager for construction of certain tenant improvements and Landlord agrees to deliver the Demised Premises and provide a 1 year warranty on all Landlord work to the Tenant and construct the tenant improvements at its sole cost ("Landlord Work") in a good and workmanlike manner, using building standard materials, and in reasonable accordance with the ( “Space Plan”) prepared by Kenney Designs, dated_______________ and the plans and specifications” approved by Landlord and Tenant dated ___________, 2006, the ("Approved Plans and Specifications") and attached hereto as Schedule “1”. Landlord is a licensed General Contractor and will be performing the work as defined herein. Landlord shall select the subcontractors to complete the Landlord Work per the Approved Plans and Specifications, and reserves the right to perform certain aspects (Electrical and Mechanical work) of this project under a “Design Build” format. Except as set forth herein, Landlord shall have no further obligations thereafter with respect to repair or replacement of items in the Demised Premises. Upon Substantial Completion of the Landlord Work and the Punch List Items (as such terms are defined below), Landlord shall have no further obligation with regard to tenant improvements within the Demised Premises. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, all (i) Tenant moving expenses and (ii) costs for installation of Tenant’s equipment and furnishings shall be the sole responsibility of Tenant. Landlord shall cause Substantial Completion of the Landlord Work to occur prior to September 1, 2006 other than Punch List items which shall be corrected within sixty (60) days thereafter. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Section 3.3 of the Lease sets forth Tenant’s sole remedy with respect to any failure by Landlord to cause Substantial Completion of the Landlord Work by September 1, 2006.